Evolving marriage
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2022-10-12 16:24:28 (UTC)

Wed Brain Dump

Dear Diary,
(Warning Entry has Adult Sexual Rated R Content)

Good Morning!

Feeling really good! I just did my workout, rebounder, wave plate, arm weights, upper arm workout and some stretches. My lower back has been stiff off and on. I woke up feeling like my body was hit by a truck today, and thats from having sex. I dont have issues or pain during sex, but man! Afterwards Im stiff in my lower back. So I gotta do something about that! I woke up and hubby was hard, and it wasnt going away, and I literally was so exhausted, but wanted to entertain him in some manner, and I was too exhausted for a blow job also. So I just held and stroked while we talked before he had to get up for work. I got up to use the bathroom and came back in the spooning position, and well, I just slid my shorts off and he was able to enter me from behind, and that I could handle! Doesnt take too much effort on my part for positions of movement. So he got to leave for his work day a happy camper.

So the weather is still gorgeous, doors are open and I am just waiting for my elderly neighbors to start using their fireplaces, and the smoke will ruin my open doors. So thats the only sucky part about this time of yr, I have to close them when there is too much smoke.

I got a bunch of paperwork cleared off the table so I can have a good mental space to sit and work on my life/business plan template my friend gave me. Said Id go over it with him after I do it. But I figured best to do a brain dump here first so my head is more free and clear.

Church bells are ringing right now, I have views out the windows, our guests went for a walk somewhere as I saw them on foot during my workout.

Well I guess this will be short, if Ive got it in me, Im making quiche today too!


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