Never Broken
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2022-10-12 12:57:29 (UTC)


What is my legacy, dear daughter?
What will I teach you in time?
After I cease to be,
how will you remember me?

Will you look upon my life, in youth
and think me hard, and stubborn, too?
Will you know, in your middle years
the love I have for you?

When your hair is grey, and your sight is dim,
will you muse upon days gone by?
Will thoughts of kindness fill your days?
Will you know I always bade you try?

Will your kindness be your mark of life?
Your intelligence, curiosity, wit?
Will the world beat you down, my child?
Or through love, will you conquer it?

I am just a Portuguese mother.
Nothing to special in this world,
but you, my dearest daughter,
are an extraordinary girl.

I pray that you find wisdom,
and love, strength and hope.
I wish for your life, many joyful seasons.
To help others with your goodness, may you never need a reason.

I’m just the mother of a child,
for you, I’d give my life.
I give you also my legacy
so that you may deal with strife.

May you always show compassion,
to those less fortunate, be kind.
May your conscience always guide you.
May you keep your questing mind.

So, my child,
take the legacy I leave.
Teach others with your kindness
and in a better world, believe.