Never Broken
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2022-10-12 06:19:16 (UTC)

Encouraged, and yet…

I put my Golden Retriever up for sale. I’ve had some scammers and some interest, but I’m not going to get anything close to what I wanted for him. I would have liked to use the money to purchase the Doberman puppy. Later today, I’m taking a picture and a video of myself so that I can set up my fundraiser. My friend is going to help me with it, thanks be to Jesus.

Well, I still don’t know how I’m going to get the rest of the bills paid. And people say, “Well, if you can’t pay your bills, you shouldn’t be thinking about a Doberman.” In most cases, I would say they would be correct. Still, would you tell someone that because they can’t pay their bills on time, they don’t need to have a wheelchair? Or an insulin pump? This is not a pet for me, it is a piece of medical equipment. Or will be. Yes, he will be a beloved member of the family…. Someone I would give my life to protect, but he is, at the heart of it, a piece of medical equipment.

I got woken up out of a sound sleep by my smoke alarm, deciding to go off for no reason I could fathom…. So annoying. And I had just retired about an hour before. Now I’m wide awake with achy joints on top of. It all. Maybe I’ll go do my Saints in Seven Days challenge.