Evolving marriage
2022-10-04 04:59:03 (UTC)

Life is Good

Dear Diary,
I havent written in awhile! I had a really good week. I feel like I am kinda normal again. Like I came out of the year long horny fog Ive been in.

I didnt talk in any dirty chats, had some accountability with the christian folks online and some good sex chats, didnt watch any porn, and I actually worked upstairs and did some yard work, and I just feel a little less fixated on sex then I was. Sure I love it still! But its not in my head all day long. My God I have masturbated so regularly this past yr, I took a break! I have made a new friend on the site and hes become like my good buddy, he is super awesome, no sex chat, and we talk business, long range goals, business plans, life, etc. So hes been great in that sense. Didnt realize how long since its been to have a friend to chat with online.

We have had a lot of bookings for Oct for the vacation rental. Had 4 couples back to back, right now honeymooners, and I have another one booked for end of the month, But I new we had plans this wknd so I closed the calendar. But Im sure Id book it if it was open. So milking the end of the yr for all its got! Have had some great people and fun to chat with, most from Az. Another couple also from Germany but didnt speak much English so super hard to talk too. But friendly

We are going to Vegas for a few nights, booked a suite and did the jacuzzi tub upgrade, it says if ones open youll get it, if not no charge, so we shall see. We already have dinner reservations for both nights, We are not leaving the casino this trip. Just staying put, edibles, good food, some slots, maybe catch a movie, go in the pool, just stay in the hotel and not drive anywhere, we just want to enjoy one another and let loose the two of us.

Still waiting on the house closing near the homestead, so I know Ill be leaving again hopefully by end of the month and be gone a few wks, so will be away in colder temps and need to get all the utlities and internet set up at the new property. Ill bring some stuff with me for the house, but luckily I bought it was the basic furniture, couch, recliner, tv stand, has a counter with 2 barstools and the beds are still upstairs. And it has all the appliances, so Ill be good to go and stay in there, just bring bedding, dishes, all the neccessities for this trip. I have 2 extra coffee tables here so Im gonna put one of those in the vehicle to take with. Will be really weird to own another home and go stay in it in a totally different place!

Oh we went to Zion Natiional Park the other day and went out and had lunch in Springdale, while being parked, in a lot we were sitting in the new vehicle, and some couple pulled in, opened their door and hit ours, hard enough it rattled us. Totally rude, then she did it again! Husband leaned out saying "Excuse me do you mind not hitting our car" she was really snotty with her apology and walked away with her husband and daughter, had hubby check it, they dinged the paint in 2 spots over the rear passenger tire, blah, will talk to dealer when I take it in next about that touch up. So that wasnt too cool.

Weather has been incredible here still, doors open all the time, just perfect, no need to run ac, have mornings we feel a little cool. Yard looks good, just picked a bunch of gourds to decorate with from the garden and I have 2 pumpkins, one is turning orange now.

Had a nice sexy eve, had dinner and hubby came up behind me and said he wanted to do bad things to me and that he would shower after dinner, I said that sounded good.

got in the bedroom and we listened to some music together and then after a few songs, I just went over and removed his shorts and gave him a good thigh massage, working my way up to his cock and gave him a nice blow job, just long enough and then removed my shorts and got on top of him. Just made love for a good long while, hes been lasting really good lately too! I asked him if he wanted me to sit on his face and he said yes, so I climbed up higher and he took good care of me for quite awhile, Then we switched over to him using one of the sleeves and me off the edge of the bed. I orgasmed this way over and over, its so wierd my orgasms are totally different now, they are continuous and rolling, not as intense as how it used to be when Id have one from sex, but they are continual which wasnt the norm either, its like I flow in and out of that state over and over till exhaustion and my legs are week and I have to tap out.

Hes passed out in bed now, I got up and started the dishwasher, put away the leftovers, and now am cozy on the couch with some snacks. Life is good