thenamelessone's diary
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2022-10-11 23:39:41 (UTC)

October 11

Since the beginning of September it’s been unusually cold and rainy around here, so I didn’t do any outdoor photography. But for around a week now it’s been unusually warm, and it seems it will last at least another week. So I wanted to do some photoshoots while the good weather lasted. I wrote to girls on Instagram I haven’t talked with before, and it was easy to find some who were interested. As can be expected, if I find girls this way, they’re not very reliable, they change their minds, or just not respond after a while, and I didn’t manage to actually do any shoot before today. But today I did two.

The first one was with Mary. She’s actually not from Instagram, she posted a question on a local website asking if it is possible to somehow find a photographer if she wants pictures of herself, but can’t pay. I wrote to her that I was looking for a model anyway, so she doesn’t have to pay. Since she was the one looking for a shoot in the first place, it’s not surprising that she was responsive and turned out to be very reliable. When we initially talked, she told me that she will get back to me when she’ll have the time for the shoot, and few days later she actually did. She messaged me, without me having to remind her. That almost never happens.

We met in front of the museum, there are a lot of places nearby that are pretty good for a photoshoot. She came alone. She never modeled for a photographer before, but she posed well (of course I helped her in that), and I liked the photos we took. I showed her the pictures and she also liked them very much. As we talked it became clear, that she doesn’t have a very good opinion of her looks, but as we reviewed the pictures, I could tell that she genuinely liked them, and that made me happy. It was a pretty good shoot all around, it was enjoyable, the mood was good, we could talk. And the interesting thing was that I could tell that she liked me. Or at least that was my feeling. And I can be wrong, I don’t have much experience with people. It’s interesting because I could never tell this before with anyone that I shot, that I met for the first time. It probably was the case sometimes, but I didn’t have this feeling like this time. And by liking me, I mean as a person, not as a guy. Maybe she liked me as a guy also, but that I can’t tell. I also liked her as a person.

The next shoot was at the same place. It was with two girls, Nicole and Holly. I wrote to Nicole first on Instagram, and she wasn’t interested at first, and it also turned out that she was younger than I thought, she looks older than she is. But she’s younger than the girls I normally shoot. But she was nice and responsive, which is not too common, so I asked if she knows anyone that might be interested. It turned out that her best friend is older than her, and she was interested. That friend is Holly. And they decided that both of them will come to the shoot. Holly was also communicative, it was easy to set up the meeting. None of us paid the other.

When I shoot girls, I usually try to make the pictures a bit sexy. Nothing too much, and obviously I don’t try to push anything, I only make photos that the model is completely comfortable with. But this time I took tamer photos, since Nicole is pretty young and Holly also didn’t seem interested in making sexier ones. They also both didn’t wear revealing or form fitting clothes. I didn’t mind the tamer than usual photos, I liked them.

We took some photos with the both of them, but they wanted more individual pictures. They don’t have any experience modeling, but Holly was enthusiastic and confident from the start, and it was apparent that she enjoyed posing. Nicole was more shy at first, but later she warmed up. They took turns before the camera, and there was at least one occasion when Nicole took much more time than Holly, because she didn’t want to stop yet, so I think she enjoyed herself too. Since I had a whole other shoot before this one, I was pretty tired from the start, these shoots are quite exhausting for me. Probably because of that, I wasn’t too confident this time. I was indecisive with what pose to come next and I gave too little directions. Despite this, the general mood was good, and I think all of us enjoyed ourselves. Holly was chatty, so we could also talk.

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