Never Broken
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2022-10-11 18:53:46 (UTC)

Crazy Day

I am in a great deal of pain this night. I am playing soft Irish music and will be making my herbal drink in an effort to relieve it a bit as soon as I am done writing here.

The morning started out with the troubles of this life weighing heavily on my mind. I had to go have labs drawn for my upcoming surgery and since there was no one else available, I had to go with S. She said she had to stop at a hardware store on the way back. She asked if that was fine and I said it was provided that I did not have to walk far and we were not in the store long.

She did annoy me though. On the way out the door, she told me to leave my phone at home. She doesn’t like hearing it chattering. I cannot be away from my phones because I may get calls from prisoners, families of prisoners, victims or families of victims or police, prison wardens or other staff. I was very anxious about leaving my phone home, imagining hundreds of messages and calls, but I did it because it was either that, or not go.

We got to the lab and of course, there was an insurance mix-up since I was using private insurance to pay for the tests. They’ll bill me. Fine, another bill. Just what I wanted.

After this, we headed to the hardware store where I had to walk about two miles whilst S rode round in the electric cart like a queen. Of course, they did not have what we needed, so off to another store we went. More walking. More pain.

She did agree to buy me some dinner, so I cannot complain, too much. She also took me to my local vape store where I was disappointed to learn that they cannot make house juice anymore. New laws in effect. I ordered my juice and S said she would take me tomorrow before she goes to work and then I’ll have some decent to vape. Such a nasty habit. If you are reading this, and thinking about it, don’t mess up your life. Nicotine is truly addictive. I didn’t begin vaping until the age of 37 and I wish I’d never started.

Well, I’m sure I’ll have more to say later…