Slowly descending into madness
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2022-10-11 23:43:41 (UTC)

It's going to take a while ..

It's going to take a while to listen to a recorded meeting by Sushmit Bhaia. Apparently it's archived lol. The best part of my day is overworking. He always makes the whole work process easy. It's very comfortable to work with someone who has an amazing sense of humour. To me, out of 1000 things, this is very important. Because we talk for hours after hours, a little bit of humor is needed.

Apart from work stuff, Tazim unblocked me. Again. He blocked me in the first place because I was being a little bitchy. I told him, he needs me and I don't need him. Basically I knew how I could get under his skin and I did it. What made him block me? 1 week? Then he unblocked me again. This time, I said you can't live without me. He agreed, like a weakling. It's a classic tragic story, boy loves girl, girl loves someone else. Honestly, I feel a bit bad for him. I don't have a problem being there for him, but I really don't think it's fair to him. Meh, if someone wants to harm themselves, they can.

I had a really good time 3 days ago on a day trip. It took 3 hours to convince me to go by 3 different friends though :3 I can be extremely annoying to deal with sometimes. I get migraines because of extreme heat and sunlight. That's why I have limited places to go to. Not everyone can understand this, and I don't expect them to. So I went. It was amazing in a sense that it was a very sober trip. No one smoked weed or had edibles to have fun. We also explored some historical places and had a paranormal experience. This was new. Real magic happened by the river, when the sun was going down. I pulled a muscle right beneath the diaphragm, couldn't really sit down, and I was struggling to breathe. At that point, I started crying out of pain, but when I looked at the sky, I slowly stopped. Crimson skies like I was on Mars, it was insanely pretty. This sunset is one of the best things happened to me this year.

I called shotgun while returning home because I needed a single seat. So I sat in the front seat and I couldn't stop looking at the moon. We were singing to classics, and life felt good for a moment. Like, it was exactly what I needed at this stage. I felt lucky to be alive. This is the sort of feeling I'd love to hold on to for a long time.