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2022-11-06 00:36:02 (UTC)

November 2022 (2)


We’ve got a bit of a motorcycle craze going on today. Really, I’ve never heard this many motorcycles in one day. First, the asshole behind the honker revved up before 8:00 for a few minutes before they took off.

Then at 10:30, I could have sworn I heard and saw the honker take off. I had just stepped out of his room and up to the kitchen window when I caught a quick glimpse of a guy on a motorcycle going by.

The honker’s golf cart was pulled out of the way after all. But then all of a sudden, an hour later I hear his motorcycle start up and I run to the front window to see both of them taking off, and it was definitely them. So now I’m thinking it was someone else who passed by the first time unless it was him and he turned the thing off and walked the bike back, which I can’t see him doing.

Just now, a quieter motorcycle just went by also with two people on it, one of them wearing a helmet. The honker and his wife don’t wear helmets. Motorcycles are on the rise here and I’m getting sick of it along with the newer, louder trucks. I would really hate to see this place slip into the old place. What’s next? Not being able to go a week between projects? Regular sawing and hammering? As it is, I’m really worried about how I’m going to sleep this week with three pickups and the mower.

Again, just because something’s allowed doesn’t make it OK. Especially where you have so many houses so close together. It’s only been 5 days since the honker’s last run with the motorcycle, and I’m a little worried that just because we talked, he’s going to start riding more. Just because I thanked him for backing out quietly first and cutting the motor before he comes in, doesn’t suddenly mean I want to hear this shit every 5 days. Really can’t wait for his out-of-town company to arrive for a week or two because that keeps him off the damn thing. I wish it would rain more too, but it’s like Citrus Heights in the summer here in the winter, but without the heat. Almost every time they predict rain for us at this time of year, it doesn’t happen. There’s a tropical storm going on in the Bahamas that they say could bring rain to the area, but I have to see it to believe it.


I’m horribly tired today and still sick, unfortunately. I didn’t fall asleep until I’d been up for 18 hours because I had stomach cramps and thought I was going to have the runs before bed. Then I fell asleep for a little over 5 hours and woke up with a nightmare about running out of medication and being unable to get a refill. In the dream, we were still seeing regular doctors in person and had just moved. Tom received a phone call while I was in the room with him, and I knew by the name he used that he was talking to someone from the doctor's office that he was to take me to and get a refill from that day.

When he hung up the phone, he told me that because we moved we couldn’t get refills from them. I showed Tom how many pills I had left and even though it looked like quite a few, he didn’t think we could get me a refill before I ran out. I was totally dismayed to hear this because I knew that I not only didn’t want to invite the hypo symptoms back, but I had come so far with getting used to tolerating more of the medication that I didn’t want to have to start over again.

So I had the runs three times today and we’re pretty sure it is the B-Complex. It takes longer than I thought to leave the body as some things do. The plan is to contact my docs tomorrow if I’m still having the runs. I decided I would see what they suggest before I go out and get anti-diarrhea pills.

I was just reading around Quora and got a kick out of something I discovered. I didn’t think to drop my last name to an initial there so I couldn’t be looked up. But apparently, I was found by Sarah in January of 2021 who happened to create an account she hasn’t used. She no doubt wanted to message me from it but I was smart enough to disable messaging. I do this in most places because I don’t want spam or perverts.

Not surprisingly, she has messages disabled on her end as well. Well, of course she does. She wants to be heard but she has no desire to listen. If most of my Facebook message was read last year, then it would be more to see what others were reading since I sent 4 people a copy. It wouldn’t be because she was genuinely interested in what I had to say. I’m a little surprised she didn’t comment on any of my questions or answers, but it may be that they decided to keep things out of public. I think they thought it might get them in trouble or that it may make me more likely to contact people they’re connected to.

Never have I known anybody to carry the same obsession with a person as Andy has with Stevie Nicks. He doesn’t smoke. He doesn’t get high. He has his own business. But other than those three things, he hasn’t changed at all.

Looks like we got a little bit of rain out there, after all, though not much.

They went out in their truck. Really hope the motorcycle is covered soon or else that could be a sign that it’s going to be used again way too soon.

We splurged on Domino’s today and I’m looking forward to the new toenail clippers we ordered along with a beginner’s paint set.

Something is definitely up with my joints. I simply don’t have the flexibility I used to have. Yes, I can still cut my own toenails, but it leaves my hips screaming in pain. I really don’t think it’s mostly about weight. There are people more flexible than me that are fatter. So we ordered these clippers you attach to a stick so that you can cut your nails easier. The only thing that makes it a little hard to cut mine without two hands is the fact that I have such tight toes. My big toe is easy, but the others are harder to separate. Especially when it comes to trimming the inner sides of my three smallest toes.

The acrylic paint set has 24 colors, 2 small canvases, a set of brushes, and a palette, which is a pretty damn good deal for $20.


I’m exchanging messages with my doc now as to why I’m still having the runs. Looking back in my journal and seeing that I started the B-Complex two weeks before I started having the runs makes me wonder if maybe I might have some kind of infection. I didn’t even have stomach cramps and the runs like this the last time I was high on thyroid (for my body) and I was very anxious then too. I haven’t had anxiety for almost a month now. I have no fever, but I don’t always get fevers when I get infections.

I woke up right before the loud garbage truck came and I’m still not sure I can mask that and the loud recycling truck. Oh, to have the quieter recycling and garbage truck come once a week on the same day, and also on the same day, the mower. Tomorrow’s sleep is hit or miss. It’s all gonna depend on whether or not they use the loud mower.

I’m not happy to see the motorcycle is still uncovered. He probably wants to take the damn thing out tomorrow because of Tropical Storm Nicole. We’ll probably just get some wind and rain Wednesday and Thursday. If he does take that thing out tomorrow, that will be three times in one week. ☹

Someone just walked up to the honker’s place and then a red pickup pulled up behind them. I wasn’t looking at the camera when it took off to see if either of them left with them.

Since I have a habit of jinx-writing things into reality, I thought I would throw him in a story but mostly because it would be fun and give me something more to do.

I finally got ideas for my gaslighting story. I could plant a listening device and overhear Stacey killing her obsessive lover that she doesn't want anybody to know about. She does it by accident by hitting him harder than she intended. That's what I’ll use to blackmail her or at least to troll her with. I’ll do things without giving my identity away and Stacey won't be able to figure out who the hell knows what she did and how.

I came up with a hilarious honker story idea. First the little dog starts barking multiple times in the night, waking them up and leaving them exhausted. They take the mutt to the vet but they can't find anything wrong. Eventually, when they're all outside, the dog suddenly takes off running down the street and disappears forever. They ask people who are outside at the time if they saw the dog and they say no.

Then the big dog becomes a problem, doing the same thing by keeping them up at night barking. Even worse is when it attacks another dog and a person and they feel so horribly guilty about it. Even though they never expected the dog to do such a thing, people start to dislike them and they start to feel like outcasts. But then that dog also runs off and disappears forever.

Then the motorcycle starts up on its own one day when he happens to be in the carport, zooms off down the street, and that too is forever gone without any witnesses. Now they're really starting to get worried and wonder what's going to disappear next.

Before the motorcycle runs off, they go out for a ride and end up boxed in and trolled by a group of other motorcycles. On the way back, it's a car that's always within half an inch of the back wheel.

So then one day, the honker hops on his cart to visit a friend down the street. All of a sudden, the brakes fail and he appears to deliberately plow into someone. He is then arrested and his terrified wife is left to wonder what the hell is going on. When the honker is released, they find that everybody hates their guts and won't talk to them. People literally run whenever they see them. Finally having enough and realizing this place is a curse for them, they sell out and head to Canada for good.

I couldn’t resist asking Sarah on the account she created in hopes of messaging me if she thought those that created accounts to stalk, harass, and threaten people should be held accountable for their actions. If she still has that email address and it isn’t marked as spam, she’ll get a notification. Of course I won’t respond to any responses. I’ll just block her at that point. Or maybe there won’t be a response. Again, they’re acting like they’re hoping I’ll go too far. No chance, though. Not unless I knew I was going to die tomorrow. This is a perfectly legit question to ask on Quora, and similar ones have been asked several times.

We ran out to the dollar store earlier. I have a feeling that my reduced sodium Vienna’s are going to get harder and harder to get. I did get a cute little journal with pink glitter on its cover, even though I’m not ready for the next one yet. Plus, I got a set of Tahiti perfume and lotion.

We had some ants in the lanai so he sprayed inside and out. We also set off a bomb there since it’s not like we have to go somewhere for four hours and then air it out. It was perfect timing because he wanted to shut the window anyway, especially if we’re going to get heavy winds and rain.

The fun part of the day is my painting kit and the abstract painting I did, which came out pretty cool looking. I put decorative tape strips in random places, did the painting, and then removed the tape. I want to do something a little more intricate for the second canvas. I’ll have to check out some YouTube vids.

Finished my discussion with my doc. They think I have transient diarrhea which will resolve itself but to let them know if it doesn’t. I’ll have anti-diarrhea pills tomorrow.


Still having the runs and starting to think I might have some kind of bacterial infection after all. It seems a bit extreme for just something bad I ate or a simple stomach bug. I never had the runs like this before. Having the runs multiple times a day for 8 days is a bit extreme. I still don’t have any other symptoms, though, even though Jessie said she’s surprised they didn’t have me get checked out. She asked if I could have covid yet our research says no and the docs never mentioned it either. Covid would come with a lot of other nasty symptoms. Worst case scenario, I may need antibiotics to stop this. I took a dose of anti-run pills but then ended up having the runs again, even though it should have stopped it right then and there as it has in the past, and as Jessie said it does with her. We were both stuck for a week afterward too. Hopefully, this will be it, although I have my doubts. My temp was 98.7, which is a degree higher than my usual.

Jessie is under mandatory evacuation right now due to Nicole but we’re still expecting just some wind and rain. It was windy and cloudy today and the honker was out when I got up at around 10:00 AM. It returned 6 hours later and took its flags down.

Ron randomly popped into mind earlier, the joke of a guy I dated for a handful of months in 1986 when I was a settler who didn’t know how to say no. Ah, Little Miss Too Nice and Too Forgiving.

Ron was short, plump, had a tiny dick, and was already showing signs of premature balding at 28. He, his family, and his neighbors were pretty fucked up but I was too naïve to see it. His father was captain of the West Springfield Police Department at the time. Ron admitted to me up front that he had a problem with cocaine in the past. He said his dad said he would have busted him himself. He never used when we were together, but I just couldn’t get into him, though I tried.

One time, I went over to his parents' house to go swimming in their pool. On the street, I heard someone say someone was going to get killed someday or something like that. I looked across the street and saw one of the neighbors literally stomping on a family member’s head with his foot in the middle of the street. But despite the pounding the guy took, he got up as if nothing happened.

His mother would call in the middle of the night drunk out of her mind, and although I don’t remember why, I didn’t care for his sister and I definitely didn’t care for his brother. At least I think it was his brother. I don’t remember what the hell I did to piss him off, but he threatened to have me raped. The most harm I’ve ever done was when I was a prankster so it was probably about prank calls I made to the house. But still, that’s a pretty drastic thing to threaten someone with which gives you an idea of just how messed up that family was. I’m glad I finally smartened up before Ron and I could have been dumb enough to tie the knot. I was never the least bit attracted to the guy and he wasn’t my type at all.

It’s still hard to believe I would have prank called a house a cop lived in, especially after being dumb enough to do that to my old boss and her detective husband, so I’m thinking that maybe his parents were divorced. You’re talking 37 years ago, though, so my memory is shaky.

Whether he’s single or not, I picture Ron to be a fat, frumpy, bald, broke guy with a dumpy vehicle, and the fact that he once told me that I would one day look back and realize I once had someone who “loved” me is beyond laughable.

I finished my 94-mile trip in Northern Ireland, which was absolutely beautiful and very green. Since I created a trip from one Massachusetts house to the other, I thought why not do one from one Arizona house to the other, and then from the Oregon duplex to the Oregon house? I’m pretty tired today so I may not begin my 60-mile trip from Phoenix to Maricopa.


While I still can’t believe the horses are going to generate that much money, he did bring up a point when he said that we never lived in just one place in any of the states we've lived in. We lived in two different houses in Arizona. We lived in the duplex and the house in Oregon. We lived in the trailer and the house in California. My gut feeling still says this isn’t it but I have no idea where we may go and when.

Oh, to be able to know when we’ll move, where to, how long we’ll live, what we’ll die from, and if there’s an afterlife of sorts. Everything else can be a surprise.

OMG, what the hell is wrong with this world and the people in it? Greg Abbott gets reelected even though he gutted women’s rights. Marjorie Taylor Greene gets reelected despite encouraging violence against gays/trans. I don’t get how people can vote for people like this, or how these sickoes can get away with carrying on the way they do. If we were to encourage violence against anyone, we would be arrested.

If someone really wanted to find out that I’m of Jewish descent despite me being as religious as a doorknob, or anyone else for that matter, they can do so. My maiden name is a dead giveaway. Therefore, I can’t guarantee my safety in a country that is doing all it can to become a Christian-only nation. A straight Christian nation that is. People can read my journal and see that I’ve been with the same sex, but no, I’m not running. I’m not pulling my stuff offline and I’m not hiding.

I had a dream that Tom and I were staying in a hotel. I told Jessie where we were going and hoped she’d meet us there even though I didn’t really expect to. Tom and I were in the room chatting with the door open when I heard her call my name. Excitedly, I ran toward her and we hugged, happy to finally see each other after so many decades.

Next, I had one of those dreams that made me wonder if it was a glimpse into another dimension. Another me in another existence. More scientists seem to believe in this theory too. I was still married to Tom but we seemed to have a daughter and a son. They were between 8 and 10 years old. I tried to get into the whole motherhood thing but I just couldn’t get into it. I wasn’t abusive, of course, but I felt like I really had to push myself to be involved when all I wanted to do was be off doing my own thing instead.

Then last night I had a dream I was so excited to rent this two-story house. I don’t know why because it was so dumpy. The countertops in the kitchen were that old Formica shit with metal edging strips.

I managed to sleep through the recycling truck after all. I had nature sounds on volume 4, plus the portable sound machine going. It was kind of uncomfortably loud that I started to add an ear plug, but then I said nope. I’m not going back to this shit. At least I can still play nature sounds on a comfortable volume 3 without adding the portable when I sleep at night.

Nicole is going to hit Florida as a Cat 1 but by the time it gets here, it will be a tropical storm. Probably won’t have winds much over 25-30 MPH. I’m not bothering to take down the wind chimes. Even if we were to get evacuated, which I don’t see, I’m not going anywhere. We don’t have an endless supply of money, and there’s no way in hell we would stay in a school or anything like that crammed in with tons of strangers.


First we had FedEx flying over us at 3:00 AM and now at 1:10 AM it's UPS that's apparently been added to the flight route. I'm enjoying the few precious hours off from hearing them zooming over us. What was a little worrisome was that I could hear it loud and clear even when it was over 24,000 feet and well over the Gulf. I'm guessing it might not have been as easy to hear if it was the middle of the day, but still. Enough is enough of this shit! Yet I realized there's no in-between these days due to all the millions of flights. You're either in a flight path like most of the world now is or you're not, and it's a pretty black-and-white situation in that if you are in a flight path, you're not going to hear just a few a day. Those days are long gone. It's either dozens and dozens or nothing at all. There are just so many people flying, plus delivery flights that there's no way they're going to have just a few flights over any given area. At least not that I can see.

Even though Hurricane Ian was much more powerful than Nicole, which was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time she got to us, she managed to do some damage to our place, tearing part of the lanai roof off. I saw pictures in the group of the damage some others received. The most common problem seems to be torn gutters and carport support posts.

The wind is dying down, but it's still raining out there.

My doc is sending me to pick up a container to provide a stool sample for testing since I'm still having the runs. I contacted them last night. I wanted to make sure it was OK to take the anti-diarrhea pills once I came to suspect I probably have an infection.

Then I slept shitty because, not surprisingly, we had a power failure. So I've been tired all day even though I napped.

When I got up I had the runs again and took a full dose of anti-diarrhea pills. I don't know if I'll be awake enough to pick up the container this morning when the lab opens, but if I'm not, I'll get it soon enough.

I wrote the following letter to PK only to find there's no place to send it. Then why do they have a “Contact this Lawyer” form if they're just going to tell me they're not registered with that site?

I don't know if there's a more convenient or appropriate place to send this but do you still tell clients that all they're going to get is probation when you know darn well they're going to be jailed? Do you still withhold information that could genuinely help them?

I was naive to the law. You knew it and you took advantage of that and you should be ashamed of yourself. Even after all these years, I can just imagine how many people you’ve treated similarly. I should have known better too. After all, you worked for the state and the state was against me.

You don't make the laws and I get that. You also didn't know that the “victim” was personal friends with the officer involved. I didn't even realize this at first. Nonetheless, I can't stress enough how ridiculous it is that someone could be thrown in jail for six minutes let alone six months, lose thousands of dollars, and be bashed by the media all for words on paper and because of nothing they actually did. What happened to free speech? What happened to actions speaking louder than words?

I realize the past can't be undone and you don't need to reply to me but you should have been more honest with me as it would have helped me to better prepare for what was to come. Meanwhile, the “victim” that did similar things to me and worse which I chose to be mature about and ignore, left me feeling afraid, vulnerable and like a sitting duck. Therefore, we left Arizona after I was finally vindicated 2.5 years too late. Haven't been in the state in decades, and I never will again.

Yeah, you were a great lawyer, Mr. K