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2022-10-11 04:31:19 (UTC)


I live a quiet life. I don’t pay much attention to my neighbors… and today I found out one of them died two weeks ago. Now I’m friendly with the husband, but I was surprised that no one let us know she died.

I felt really awkward and all kinds of things when I saw my neighbor and asked how he was doing. Then I asked about his wife… and he had to tell me. Well, we’re not close, in fact I had to pause and think of her name, but it was obvious I don’t do things with my neighbors… and that can be expanded to really anyone. I’m going to have to think about how I actually feel about this. I’ve been this way a long time… it was a slow shedding of friends and a slower realization that I had done this.

My best friend and I still have not talked. She needed space. I still think about her and hope she is doing really really well.

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