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2022-10-10 18:03:34 (UTC)


I've decided to pursue self-improvement. To move past fear and much too constant negativity and tunnel mind.
Things I believe I should watch out for are:
-How I think to myself
-Remembering that regret is more painful than rejection
-Confidently enter and confidently exit
-The Higher Self

Just as important, in no way inferior as a person. Just because someone is better at math than me, it doesn't mean that they're a better human or that I'm any worse at life. It is simply a question that was answered faster, and room for improvement.

All for the exp points ig.

The To-Do List:
-Watch these things during some breaks or just put it right before the Made in Abyss watch list option (-Erased -I Want To Eat Your Pancreas -5 Centimeters Per Second)
-wake up earlier and exercise (ma suggested it too)
-Take frappe for lunch along with candy
-actually eat a small breakfast and bring a water
-clean glasses
-put on brace for a 8 hour mask boost

Tomorrow I will be happy and positive. I'll finish a whole lotta work and only have to work on a few things to none when I get home. I'll do most if not all of the things I planned and I will have attempted to befriend that girl in my class. That's all. <3