thenamelessone's diary
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2022-10-10 23:01:11 (UTC)

October 10

I have a friend that I haven’t wrote about in this diary yet. Let’s call her Jasmine. She actually chose the name, she’s the only one that I told I have this diary that I know personally. We’ve known each other for about 10 years. We met online and we have very similar lives and very similar problems, so we bonded over that. We used to be very close, talked almost every day, and told each other everything. But she lives far away, so we only met 3 times in person. In the last few years we drifted apart, we speak much less often. Still, I consider her my only friend. (Maybe I can also call Liam my friend, but really he’s not much more than an acquaintance, we were never that close.) And we can still tell each other anything with Jasmine, and ask help with anything.

The last time we met it was last year in the summer. We also did a photoshoot, I took a lot of pictures of her. I took me a very long time to edit these pictures, or rather to start editing them. I don’t know for sure why. It’s always hard for me to do anything at all, but this was extra hard. Maybe because she’s important to me, I wanted to do a good job, and this put an extra pressure on me. She also wanted me to do some edits that I don’t normally do with other photos, and that’s fine, I very happily do it for her, and it’s a good opportunity for me to try out new things and improve. But it also makes the job harder, so it’s also harder for me to start doing it. I had already edited and sent her the first half of the pictures before I started writing this diary, and I also did my usual edits on the second half. Today I finally started doing the extra edits on the remaining photos. I’m about halfway through it.