Never Broken
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2022-10-10 12:28:22 (UTC)

Going through the motions…

I just had the fortune of listening to Fr. Mike Schmitz and his talk on going through the motions. It really opened up my eyes to many things. If your child came to you, with a bruised knee and a torn ego, he would expect you to soothe the hurt away. He would expect that because, if you are a normal caring parent, you are there to show him love, help him grow, etc.

When Jesus tells us go to Mass, and we go through the motions of going, when he tells us to go to confession and we do, but we don’t really understand why, we do not grow in our faith lives. We do these things simply, go through the motions, because someone we trust has asked us to. In that, through that, we grow, not only as people, but as people of faith.