Never Broken
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2022-10-10 10:19:02 (UTC)

I’m not good at patience

I am waiting for my grocery delivery and just as I was waiting for my medications to be delivered, I’m not doing it very well. I am hoping that coming in here to write for a minute will settle my nerves.

I did hear from Carrie a couple of times briefly yesterday, and dammit, I miss her. We text a lot during the day. Sometimes, her husband is there, chiming in during our voice messages, which I suppose some would find annoying, but I find rather cute, and sometimes, he is not. I wish her safe travels.

Once I get the groceries put away, I am going to say my prayers, including the two new prayers someone sent me. I think they are perfect for my situation, and the story behind the author is quite extraordinary. I have ABC (Australian) on right now for God knows what reason.

Well, groceries are almost here, so I’ll leave off.