The Dairy Of Oblivion
2022-10-09 01:30:38 (UTC)

Late night post rawr

Soooo yasss I’m ruining my life by smoking aannn “incense” ‘rn idk if it’s what’s it’s called but yea I’m like inhaling the smoke and blowing it like an actual cigarette it’s weird but kinda helps I needed it after this week and kinda today like I was out with a. Today it was quite fun but not completely, bruh I got to know by going through his phone that he wants to uhhhh renew contact with his ex gf LIKE OMFG WHY WOULD U DO THAT IF NOT TO BE WITH HER AGAIN AGHRRRRR I haven’t said that before but me and a. are in a “half relationship” like we’re half friends and half a fucking couple it sucks sometimes rly and ugh Ive never known that this kind of a relationship exists it’s so goddamn weird lmao and uh today he even “told” me he’s in love with me but I just can’t believe that, to complicate stuff more ikr that he is that kind of a person that this “confession” might have been a joke as well or don’t mean a romantic sense of love even tho he told me once he loves me half romantically and half platonically it’s so f up omfg and uh oh yeah I feel like a toy to him sometimes, a placeholder he can push away when he finds someone better or just one of his ex gfs comes back the 2nd option is omg happening now :)))) I’m feeling weird I almost smoke the whole incense and I think my room smells af now I hope not I don’t want my parents to know they don’t even know I have more incenses than the ones I stole from my grandma hahahahhhhh I’m so fucked me and a. Had so much of a great time today I don’t wanna believe he lies to me about his feelings or it’s just a joke or a platonic sense omfg im terrified to get caught rn and I wanna sleep but no I’m here venting and smoking at [REDACTED] (ok I won’t be telling my age) and not a cig but a fucking incense that’s pitiful omfg.. SHIIIT I TRIED THE NOSE EXHALING SMOKE TRICK AND NOW MY LUNGS HURT AGRHHHH OKIE NOT DOING THAT AGAIN AHAAHH ALSO A. TELLS EVERY SOUL HE KNOWS INCLUDING MY “FRIENDS” THAT WERE TOGETHER EVEN THO WERE NOT “completely” bruh that shits uncomfortable anyway I’m going to sleep as soon as I finish smoking oh gawwwddd I won’t wake up to church tomorrow I should get more sleep rly, Oh and I’m sorry for my bad English cause it’s not my native language :)

Sayonara guys hope someone reads this lol

--V̶̝̐̀͟͟͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝I҉̡̯̺̜̅́͋̃͢͜D҉̣͍̓̎͗͜͜ I҉̡̯̺̜̅́͋̃͢͜Ṡ̷̢̫̞̻͈͋͛̓̅͜͜͜͠͠͠ G̸҉̜̜̱̄ͩ͆͜͝͞O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝I҉̡̯̺̜̅́͋̃͢͜N̵҉̾͟͞͡G̸҉̜̜̱̄ͩ͆͜͝͞ T҉̘͙͖̠̓ͦ͑̄͜͜͟͞O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝ Ṡ̷̢̫̞̻͈͋͛̓̅͜͜͜͠͠͠L̴҉̴͙͖̞̳̜̖ͣͧ̑̑͜͞͠͞͠E҉̰̰͎̆͞E҉̰̰͎̆͞P҉̷̧̥͚̣̉̓̕͟͜͠͞͠͝ͅ R̴҉̷̨̖̮̉͑ͯ̑̋͟͠a҉͖̟̜̞̂̃̑̽͢͢͠͡W̵̶̸̻̼͉̱̄͗ͭ͟͢͢͠R̴҉̷̨̖̮̉͑ͯ̑̋͟͠X̵̶҉̠͉͓̝̾͟͟ͅD҉̣͍̓̎͗͜͜--

Ugh update, a=m mf changed his name (cisnt ppl do that) lol