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2022-10-07 11:08:54 (UTC)

why i am a sissy

I became a sissy slut when I accepted that I could never please any woman with my little clitty. Every time Id get a lady they wanted to fuck once they saw my clit would either get mad fo wasting there time or laugh and tell me no way thy ever would. then at 18 I went to the adult theater and saw these men with big cocks and i pulled mine out to masterbate when a guy set down and pulled his cock out and i immediately wanted to suck it and taste cum. i ask may I suck your cock sir and he said yes i thanked him and sucked him off swallowing his load cum. i was hooked i spent the rest of the night sucking cock the rest of the night. I went hoe shaved my body bought clothes and have been a sissy slut since. I tried girls a few times since but still am laughed at and humilated when they tell every one about my clitty. . Ive been pussy free 12 years now sucking cock and being a bottom bitch to breed. I admit I love sucking cock and i love getting fucked and filled with cum. Im thankful I can be a sissy slut and a cumdump to be used