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me and my life
2022-10-07 04:48:17 (UTC)

and all this drama

Hey diary,

Many days passed and many things happened well I wont pen down everything. Ganpati happened, dassera happened, Navratri happened and now Diwali is arriving soon. Mom is going to make faral for Ammu and send a gift. My mom is a pure soul she is good by heart. I dont see Ammu is doing same with her. he never call her or wish her on festivals. like dassera he didn't I was quite annoyed. I live here with your ppl, take damn care of them and you cannot even call my mom to wish?? how inconsiderate he is. My mom made ladoos for him I guess they expect more. I feel sad about it. Living with inlaws is a task, its not easy.
On Dassera, I roamed around to n number of relatives with them and couldn't even enjoy the festival. Was so tired meeting people and being formal with them ufff I missed mom, sis and my kids. Diwali ill celebrate with them surely.
Yesterday I was so irritated.. living all by myself with in laws is tough. giving priority to them over my family is just not fair. but when you are married you have to huh stupid society and all. I hope am managing everything well with in laws and mom. am trying to balance out and give both the time.
ok i got to work now byee