The Queen

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2022-09-28 20:38:16 (UTC)

22 sept 2022

S E prompts list
1 why am I here
I should be here and I'm drifting off to sleep.
2 who am I

3 do when not being watched

4 compare 2 n 3 what's missing

5 most authentic self with

6 intention

7 negative beliefs about Allah

8 true beliefs regarding those things

9 feeling now

10 what to do to feel better

11 grateful for

12 proud of

13 today as a masterpiece

14 doing what

15 with whom

16 feel how

17 look like what

18 what to do to get there

Some post i read on IG long ago
1 write everything down
2 identify priorities
3 do a brain dump
4 organize to do list
5 take time to reflect
6 stay flexible
1 what you love

2 what you hate

3 what's in your head

4 what's important