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2022-10-05 13:38:03 (UTC)


I've noticed recently that when I am sad, guilty, mad, or too happy, I want to kms.
Sometimes it won't even be an internal thing. I'll get pissed off at something someone did to me and I'll just have the thought, 'I wanna kms' like that isn't an action that is self inflicted pain/death. Like it's an escape. But I couldn't imagine doing anything to someone else instead, not purposely. It's just not in character for me to want to do anything to other people. Well it's gonna have to be in character cuz these mgs are pissing me off too many times a week for me to just put away with some low self esteemed dismissal.

On a completely different, and pleasant note, my old teacher remembers me and said Hi to me in the hallway so that made me happy.

Just for that class photo (my teacher (current, not the old one) forced me into it just now) I'm not associating myself with this class ever again. I don't like her or any of them anymore. Genuinely don't care what is being said right now. I'll work on the assignment at home because that just closed me off completely so I don't have the mind to listen anymore. Tryna go home, my headphones just died.

When I get home, I'll work, then I'll watch the things I've planned on.
I'll eat too. I'm hungry. Haven't eaten all day because school makes skipping lunch and breakfast a normality but my stomach isn't used to it, not really.


I might play some papas freezeria. orrr read manga. either or.