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2022-10-05 12:52:47 (UTC)

Hot air balloon mistake?

A hot air balloon went overhead yesterday… it was an advertisement for a bank. Still, I love hot air balloons. So I ran and grabbed my camera and immediately got the idea in my head to post my book on the balloon. So I snapped a few and ran inside to change the color of it, remove the huge logo and place my own. I about 30 minutes, I was 1/2 satisfied with the work… I knew I could do better but honestly I didn’t want it to look perfect. I wanted it to kinda be obvious it was doctored.

Well I posted it on Facebook… and even someone I used to work with doing photo manipulations congratulated me on my success… I’m thinking everyone thinks I actually bought a damn hot air balloon… and put my book on the side. In the comments I responded to some people telling them I know Photoshop… but people don’t seem to get it.

I’m obviously not a marketing guru or I’d have made more than $57 last month. Hardly enough to pay for the subscription of the Adobe suite I pay for every month. Aurgh.