Never Broken
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2022-10-05 04:46:57 (UTC)

Still procrastinating…

Tuesday passed with nothing much happening. S will be leaving later and spending a few days with her boyfriend and I’ll be glad for the break. We do best if we don’t have to see or talk to each other constantly. Our flat is big, but not that big, so me avoiding her really isn’t an option when she is here.

I did manage to order my groceries, though I have to place another order because I forgot the ice cream I promised the boys and sin of sins, I forgot the Oreo cookies. I got some work done yesterday, which is a fine thing as I can take today off. I spent a couple hours, from 7-9 PM, in prayer and contemplation. S came in at around 9:15 and distracted me from my prayers, which I was not pleased about. I suppose God will forgive me for not finishing my prayers though, as she had something very important to tell me about a loose, apparently vicious dog that was running round outside. I do not need my wee terrier getting attacked, so I am grateful she told me.

I have some things to do today. I must order the things I forgot, put my Golden Retriever dog up for sale again, and try to figure out where the magical money tree grows.

I have been up all night watching true crime shows. Yes, I am certainly addicted to true crime. I know this makes me pathetic, but I don’t care. Not one wit.


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