Up All Night
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2022-10-05 03:45:54 (UTC)

Boring Day

There's about .68 cents on my prepaid card, so this month's subscription to My Diary hasn't been paid yet. I won't have any money until Friday.

Haven't felt like doing anything. I went and got my flu shot on Monday, then went to the library to return my items. Never did read the book. I just couldn't get into it.

I didn't do anything today except wait around for a grocery and medicine delivery. Didn't do anything that's on the whiteboard. I had soft tacos for dinner.

I've lost 21 pounds. That's just the beginning. I want to lose another 21 pounds. I eat a lot of salads for lunches and dinners. The tacos I had tonight felt really heavy to me. I'm getting used to eating salads and light stuff all the time.

There's more I want to write about but I need to think about it first, so I will save it for another entry.