no name
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2022-10-04 11:14:21 (UTC)

and things of that nature

ik exactly wtf we're doin and id still rather fail the assignment atp
take. me. home.

Okay I lied it wasn’t that bad. I finished my part really quickly. Since it’s a case of random call-one’s I’ll need to study their answers too.
Ummm There’s lunch but I’ll be in the library. A few things for homework but I’ll be fine. Food might be lame but you know you get used to it.

Im on my period.
Im getting over a cold (that I got cause of this dumb school)
I can’t hear well
I already have bad sight
Aaaaannndd my social awareness is going haywire (not in a helpful charismatic way, but in an anxious overwhelmed and self conscious way).
At least this bathroom is nice (not rly😐).

I couldnt find my ring this morning. I’ll look for it when I get home. I pray to God I didn’t vacuum it up, I’d kms. 😭