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2022-10-03 11:26:14 (UTC)

Two Types Of Big News


I promise big news in the last entry so here it is, I WAS OFFERED THE ROLE OF STUDENT DIRECTOR FOR MY SCHOOLS PLAY!!! I originally auditioned for a dog named Rufus (a role that I later decided I didn't really want) but didn't get the part. The next day I got a call from my mom from my sister's soccer game to look at my emails and there was this email

-- -- --
Good Afternoon ||||||||| -
I am writing to you today to offer you a wonderful opportunity.
First, let me state that I really enjoyed your audition this past week and thought you did a great job. Unfortunately, at this time you are not cast in the show. Things can change and it could be possible that you might get a part if some turns down their role. However, I am looking for two student directors for the show. I would like to offer one of the student directorships to you. I believe you have the qualities of a fine director and you are a good leader. Your positive attitude, dedication, and attention to detail are just what I am looking for in a student director. This would be a great opportunity for you to work on your creative theater skills in a different way.
I understand if you wish to decline this opportunity but my hope is that you will take one of the student directorships. Please respond to me either way via email.
I look forward to your response!
-- -- --

I was so excited and nervous and proud! I debated it for a bit but honestly, there was no way I was going to decline this offer. I told a few of my friends and their reactions ranged from Olivia hugging me and congratulating me to Vinny just saying "Epic" then forgetting about it lol but either way I'm still very happy! This is how it went so far,

-- -- --
Hi Mr. Albright
I'm soooo happy and excited to have this opportunity!!! I'd love to be one of the student directors but honestly, I have no clue what a student director does. If you could fill me in on what I'd be doing I'd love to accept :D
-- -- --
|||||||||| -
Come to rehearsal a little earlier today if you can and we can talk about it some more. You will be great at it!
-- -- --
Thank you, I hope I am. How early would you like me to be? I'm not doing anything else today that I'm aware of, so I can show up whenever you need me
-- -- --
-- -- --

And that's everything so far. I found out that the other student director is my friend Ally so that's really cool! Me and Ally, student directors... Super cool! As you might know, I was in crew last year so I didn't get to see a whole lot of the last student director so I'm going in a half hour early so Mr. Albright can fill me in on all my directorly duties lol. Ally was in the cast last year so she said she'd fill me in on the details as well. I'm so glad it's not a stranger that's doing this with me, Ally's the best!

On the other side of things, I definitely have to get surgery on my jaw. Yayyyy... It's gunna be on November 22nd I think. I'm not a fan of thanksgiving anyway -_- . It's honestly okay though lol. I mean, I'd probably rather not be all swollen in the face and in pain in front of half my family but whatever. I do like shredded chicken and ice cream :/

I'm back from drama club and it was amazing! I have no clue why I was asked to arrive early though... I arrived a half hour early just like he told me to and ended up just sitting there for that half hour while he talked with the other teacher. After that though Ally and I were taken up to the student center where our roles were explained to us. Every character is double cast meaning that I get an entire cast and Ally gets an entire cast. She's the blue group and we're the white group. In our groups, we will be practicing the entire play and I will be taking notes on EVERYTHING! Where they walk, how someone says something, where someone messes up. I have to be like "scenes 1, 2 , and 3 go practice your lines while I work with scene 4 on their delivery" and all that. I'm so excited and so scared! I'm also filling in for any missing people we have. Vinny's not in my group but Olivia, Kendra, and a few others I know so that's good. I'm really excited about this so wish me luck! Until next time!

~ Gentleman