Evolving marriage
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2022-10-03 06:29:34 (UTC)

New Bed Initiation

Dear Diary,
Well Ill be heading to bed after writing this. Its 12:30pm... and its now quiet online. Husband went to be several hours ago and our guests came in this eve later also and I let them in. They speak German and couldnt really talk to me, so hubby set up Google translate if i need it from here on out.

So this afternoon, I asked him to come upstairs and see what I had done to the room up there after the new adjustable bed delivery. He came on up and I showed him, I had put the leopard fuzzy blanket on the bed, he felt the edge, observing what fun things we could up there, and I laid down and smacked his side to come lay down. He did, and I crawled up on his lap and sat on him we both kept nervously laughing back and forth. I leaned over and kissed him, long and sensual, and was sitting right in his lap. Starting to move myself on him, us both fully clothed. Lots of kissing and grinding. Remember, you dont have to hurry to get that clothing off? Think back to when you were younger and had fun just grinding clothed... so lets just go with that. There is no rush here.

I propped the head of the bed up and so hes more level at my chest with me sitting up, and he slowly lifted my shirt and bra, so my breasts were exposed and hard and in his face and he rolled them in his fingers and sucked on each nipple, soo soo good! As Im grinding, hes sucking and really sucking them! The other between his fingers and me moaning with each harder nibble or bit of suction, love the feeling of him moving back and forth, my breasts just feeling so hard and erect and at attn in his face, eager for more.

I rolled over to my side of the bed and slid my pants off, he followed suit and removed his, We were both naked and I moved myself back on top of him, but didnt put his cock in me, but laid it flat and laid against it and told him he could do anything and I was pinning him in place, he cant do more then that. He saw that as a challenge of course, but did humor me a bit. We continued what we had been doing already just with no clothing. His piercing rubbing my clit and getting me so excited with all the movement and gradually I slid down to where the head of his cock was right at my entrance, ugh, so good, and then he entered me. I rode him as much as I could muster up, hard, and sat upright on him and braced myself on his thighs with my hands. Twice I got close to orgasm but it fizzled. Damn it! So we switched to the end of the bed and grabbed the magic wand as he fucked me at the same time. My orgasms have changed, they are rolling and long and flow from one into the other. And I just felt him over and over, he switched up his tempo and moved to slower thrusts. I came I dont know how many times, lost track as we just kept going and didnt stop for the longest time until he pulled out and came on my abdomen. We crawled back up in the bed and laid down with me on his chest, and we both did pass out, I had a brief nap and got up to work on things downstairs, he pulled the blanket overhimself and passed out for over an hour and had a nap up there. I took him a bowl of pasta and a drink and he just hung out up there for awhile. Later when I went back up he was ready to come down but I said "See what happens when you come upstairs? Sex and you get food in bed"

So we have officially left our mark on the new bed and now the upstairs. We have never had sex up there before! Branching out!

Alrighty, getting tired, write more later