Evolving marriage
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2022-10-02 18:03:37 (UTC)

Chill Sunday

Dear Diary,
Its been a laid back weekend so far. Weather is still gorgeous, doors and windows open and a great breeze, no running the AC. Looks like more rain may be coming.

So I picked up 2 bookings last night! Had to get out this am and get the place cleaned up, last guests checked out yesterday, they were super nice and friendly and young and talked with us a lot. Older couple from Germany coming in today for 4 nights, then another couple after them for 3 days, THEN another couple on their honeymoon for 3 days, all back to back, I was able to block out one day between each for cleaning so its not a rush AM job all in one day. Makes it less stressful. So we havent rented it out nearly as much as last yr because of my travels and hubbys surgery, but I guess October will be pretty lucrative, I dont have the end of the month open as Im planning to go back and close on the house in the other state where the homestead is.

I got a good nights sleep last night and woke up early and got hubby up and we were back at the track at 7am today. I was going to go alone and go run but I decided to ask if he wanted to go first and woke him, he said yes. We had edibles last night with dinner, but if he doesnt take me up on sexy time during the first hour or 2 window, I end up passing out and getting a good nights sleep. He was watching tv the entire time and then went to bed. Hes so funny as I always ask him if he felt left hanging when I pass out on him, he is always saying hes fine. Id make it up to him... ya know? But Im the higher desire of the 2 of us.

Well Im just cleaning up around here today, will go and work back upstairs getting it in order. Maybe we will have sexy time this eve?