Evolving marriage
2022-10-01 13:27:52 (UTC)

Online Dance Party

Dear Diary,
Good early morning. Another beautiful one with some coolness in the air. We had a new bed delivered, another adjustable one, but this time for upstairs, the guys got it up the narrow stairway and all is good! So I grabbed my laptop and trekked up here today and am trying out the new bed. We have a balcony door thats across from the bed and you see the tops of our trees, like your in a treehouse, from my view. So Im in a bathrobe and camped out here. Husband left to go to the shooting range for the day and do some errands.

Now, I was up around 5am, snuggling him and kissing his back and scratching it, he said "Are you trying to seduce me Mrs Robinson?" and I said "Perhaps" and I knew he had to go, but he said he had a few min, I told him how mellow and chill and tired I was, so not lots of energy, so he came back over to the edge of the bed and pulled me into him as I laid on my back with my legs up on him, oh he felt so incredible. He said if this kept up with the noises I was making he was going to cum, I said "Good, I want you too, I love it when you cum for me" mmm thinking about it right now.

Im still feeling the effects of last nights edible. It just makes me feel really lovey and wanting sex.

We had a nice eve, eve though he was really really stressed after work, 2 things went wrong on friday and hes a manager so it didnt set off for a nice wknd for him, he was in his head, he went to grab us take out dinner, we had filet and avocado type toast, was really good, and then he went to play video games for a bit, to "Blow up shit" to decompress some and said then hed come back for me. We had already taken our edible with dinner. So I got on the couch, music going, candle, and I had my own online dance party seated in place, but moving my upper body. I was on the forum and chatting with this one guy who is so fun to chat with, hes just silly like me, he had butterscotch Snapps and so he told me was twerking, so I was having a dance party with him, we just sent one liners back and forth and I was laughing out loud, who knew you could have fun on edibles online pretend dancing with others? Guess edibles help further the fun of ones imagination.

Alright its warming up in this robe, time to remove it and play an upstairs Nudist in my treehouse.

Then my buddy logged on and I told him about dancing with the other dude and my party and asked if he wanted in, and he did, and he said he was having Smirnoff Ice, so now we have a party of 3. Well next thing another dude and I told him my dance card was full already with 2, and not sure I could handle a third, so he opted to chat later with me.

So I had my silly dance fun imaginary party online, then husband appeared and came to take me away for the real deal. I stood in front of him as he sat on the couch with his head resting just above my stomach and somewhere we got lost in sucking my breasts so that I just needed to really have him lay down on the couch so I could ride him. And ride him as long as I could till my legs were weak. He didnt cum yesterday, even in the shower for the am blowjob I gave him and he didnt all eve, he was long lasting, he didnt cum till this am. But he said he was so happy I was and having a good time. When he took me to the bedroom last night after the couch and had me off the edge of bed, my legs went weak there too and I asked for a break and we laid down together in the bed and we passed out.

So I had a good meal, good sex, good night of sleep, and its a beautiful day today.

Our guests left early this am to head home, they were a super chill couple and fun to talk to. Need to get the upstairs room get all put back together after the new bed as I had to take down the old one and move stuff for them to manuever.

Will enjoy my alone time today as thats not very often