Up All Night
2022-10-01 06:51:05 (UTC)


It was Friday night ... now Saturday. I tried going to bed. I have restless legs. Feels like I can't get comfortable and keep having to move my legs around or change positions for sleeping. I finally gave up and now I'm here. It's almost 3am. My medicine will come sometime today, so I'll sit here at the kitchen table and wait for the delivery man to knock on the door.

Recieved my weekly allowance on Friday and bought salad ingredients, toilet paper and a 24 pack of Coke Zero. I'll get more groceries Monday or Tuesday.

I'm not feeling well still. I'm not hearing any voices. No auditory hallucinations, but I feel like the wind has been let out of my sails ... Just not like myself. I'll be tired in the morning ...
I'll finally go to sleep, then it'll be time to get up and I won't want to. I'll force myself to get up and do what's on the whiteboard.