Never Broken
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2022-09-29 10:48:56 (UTC)

Anxiety nips at my heels!

I have today and tomorrow off so I went to bed late last night and woke up late this day. I probably would have gone to bed earlier if not for some disturbing news I got from my friend Carrie last night. Now, I understand that this has nothing to do with me, so one could argue that I should not be concerned about it. Still, I am the type that loves deeply and with an intensity and ferocity, even in friendship.

Last night, I found out two disturbing pieces of information from my old friend. The first is that her husband, who is the only working member of their household, saw his boss fire one of the young men who works with him. Apparently, the boss is a real cheap bastard, and he doesn’t like to pay for the appropriate number of workers, the workers do not have insurance because the boss claims it’s a scam, etc. they are doing work designed for 6 men and there is only the three of them, or there was. This gives me anxiety because Carrie has an indoor/outdoor cat, Howard, and whenever Howard wants to come in, he can’t, because the boss has a dog that isn’t very keen on cats. The cat goes into the equipment shed and meows until the young man who was fired would come and rescue him and carry him to safety. The second reason this bothers me is that Carrie was counting on the young man to check on her cats whilst she is out of town at her sister’s memorial service in another state. I told her she could leave the cats with plenty of food and water and an extra litter box and they should be fine. She is reluctant to do this, however. I suggested a pet minder who could come every few days and just check on the cats, but they are short of money, since it is costing them several thousand to not only go to, but pay for, their share of the expenses for the memorial service.

The second thing I heard from her was that her husband’s boss offered the other young man who works for them her husband’s job. He claimed that he would have fired the husband already, but he felt sorry for Carrie who is blind and has health challenges. The other young man, who I believe Carries said was quitting in solidarity with his comrade, said no. He told the boss that he was not qualified to do her husband’s job and that he did not have the proper tools to do the job well. I am worried that they will go to this other state and come back from the memorial service and find that her husband no longer has a job to come back to. I don’t know what they will do in that case. Her husband is, from what I’ve been able to gather over the years, a very good worker. I just don’t understand the ways of men.

I am also worried about something in my own world. I am having difficulties with my father at present. Nothing I cannot handle, but this makes me sad and anxious. I hate being at odds with him. I know I must trust in Jesus and that all of this mess will be sorted out according to God’s will,it’s the not knowing that is so hard. The not knowing what the future will bring. As I’ve said before, men are great at playing by the rules as long as we know the rules and stakes. When we don’t, things can be quite difficult.

Well, I’d better leave off for now and try and get my day started since I just woke up not that long ago. I must take care of the animals and find something to eat. I shall try and come back later and write again.