Evolving marriage
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2022-09-28 15:39:07 (UTC)

After Work Seduction

Dear Diary,
Happy Wednesday! WHat a beautiful morning! I woke up around 5:30am, and was online on my phone and woke hubby about 6:15am to go for a walk as we talked of doing it early ams when we can. He was grumbling and I said "Want to go on a walk with me? YOu know you are so excited and cant wait to go with your wife!" He did get up and we got to the track and it was still dark, there were 2 people walking already, and by lap 2 the sun was coming up. Incredible day, feels so good to be alive type of day. To just walk and breathe in deep the fresh air.

Had to get hubby back home in time for work and I had more energy to keep going so I walked to the park and ran off and on back home. I want to run more and always start and stop, chatting with runners is helpful and people online who have their routines has actually encouraged me even though we are just online people.

Got back home and finished pulling weeds growing in the walkway that were driving me nuts between the flagstones. Listened to an actual biblical podcast this am with some recommendations from a guy on the website, one was a bit dry, but ill hang in there and give it another listen.

Had a sexy evening last night. I didnt think I had it in me, I actually said to hubby on Monday "No Sex" and told him how tired I am.
But a guy was sharing with me how he used to use a flesh light and tossed it when he got with his wife, and he found vids of women doing it to their man, alternating, etc, and I went Hmmm, maybe hubby might enjoy a similar encounter, but Ive sorta poo pooed the flesh light idea, always used to see it as a threat, but then again he doesnt view dildos that way towards me and hes my fave Penis anyways. :)

So I got frisky, got myself together, had an edible( wonder if he figured that out?) I didnt tell him and approached him right before he was off work, came up behind him and he said "Are you wanting some of the D?" I said "Mmmmhmmm" and he had to finish up, I went to the couch and proceeded to send him a sexy pic to remind him that IM waiting.

He came in and took me to the bedroom, and I had him in my mouth right away, gosh hes so good and he just was laying there saying "God I love you sucking my cock now" and I got him good and worked up but had to stop as I didnt want it to end there. We kissed and I climbed up on top of him and put him inside me forcefully, I had a stainless steel heart butt plug in too, I told him to feel my ass as I was riding him and he did and was all OH? Mmmmm

So I told him how turned on I was, and how much I wanted him in my ass, and he said "Well I think I can accomodate that" and we moved to the edge of the bed, he put a dildo inside my pussy, removed the plug and lubed me up and put his cock in my ass, and made me cum pretty quickly, he was still going and it was getting difficult and I said "Im about to reach my limit" and he replied 'Its okay IM about to cum in your ass" and I told him he had better and how much I love it, he was a goner then.

He got up to clean up and I made my way to the kitchen, already had the rice prepared and just had to heat up the meat for a Mongolian Beef dish we had. Dinner was good, we ate it all, had my last birthday cookie and we went to the couch, where I placed my head in his lap and he put his fingers thru my hair and I passed out for the rest of the night, Woke up just to move to the bed later, so I got a good 10 hrs total of sleep last night.

Well Im off to get moving, enjoy this beautiful day with the doors open some more, wash the vehicle and we have vacation guests coming to stay tonight. Later!

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