Evolving marriage
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2022-09-27 02:51:30 (UTC)

Life is Good

Dear Diary,
What a beautiful night! Have the doors open, can hear the crickets and a light breeze is floating in from outside. Was just cleaning up the vacation rental to get it back on calendar since Im back home and we had a friend and her daughter come stay just before I left. Hubby is laying across from me on the other side of the sectional with his eyes closed, hes gonna fall asleep.

What a weekend. Was really nice. My birthday wknd. And husband was nothing like a Low Desire spouse. After me being gone for 2 wks, and it being my birthday I had such a wonderful welcome back home. I ended up getting over 10 hrs sleep on Sat/Sun am. So I woke up feeling amazing. I was so sleep messed up and sleep deprived from the trip. We had an edible on Sat afternoon and I asked for him to give his wonderful pussy massage, and I kid you not, thats all it is, its so good I fall asleep dead, I asked him how he learned it and he said he just made it up. I napped for 5 hrs! Then slept 10 hrs that night.

Sunday we got up early around 7am and got dressed and went to walk laps around the track, just talking about sex stuff as we talked, all kinds of dirty kinky topics. Then we went to the juice bar and for Acai bowls and avocado toast, kombucha... hung out there together. Was just a wonderful nice chill wknd. My request for my bday was they made me his signature pasta dish, fresh bread from the bakery and a dozen cookies from the bakery. He ran around and grabbed all those things. And I got sex toys and cute little figures of sexy kitten cartoon meme characters we use all the time. As gifts. Yeah we are unconventional around here, opened a bottle of red wine we had from 10 yrs ago on a trip, one of our fave wineries, but bummer it wasnt as good as we hoped like others we had saved from there.

Ive been thru a yoyo of emotions and some personal internal stuff since joining a christian site and having a lot of discussions, up and down things, meeting all kinds of different people on there and chatting, its been so long since Ive made friends online and chatted more in depth, reminds me of being back on AOL.

My sister is here! Well 2 hrs away at the family cabin, so plan is to see her this wk. My period just started, but thankfully it left me alone on my birthday wknd! We had sex 3 times on Sunday! Twice on Saturday, Husband was in rare form and wonderful. Grabbing me by the hair, kissing me, came in the shower with me twice (I told him he was welcome that second time and he made sure to make his way in there to come join me) He got a new sleeve and used it on me and as always its enjoyable and crazy and we just talk to one another and I was saying "What happened to you?" as Im on my back on the edge of the bed and hes standing fucking me, and hes saying "Sorry for gatekeeping you, you just fucked it out of me" and telling me how much he loves my pussy and how beautiful I am and Im in between orgasms and the magic wand against me and jerking and then crying and telling him "I love you" and its just crazy how we are now. We talk so much! We share, we are open, and its really beautiful and sexy.

Life feels really good, ever just have those days? Where everything lines up? Nice weather, things are good with the husband and lots of birthday sex. My oldest called me this am and we caught up and he told me about his new job.

Well gonna run for now, later