Never Broken
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2022-09-26 22:57:37 (UTC)

Surgery date!

I now have a surgery date for my right arm and shoulder. The left will have to wait. I will be having surgery on 27, October. Can’t say I’m excited, for who would be excited with all the risks involve, but I can say I’m relieved. Hopefully, I will be able to get back to my normal state of misery in a few months.

ON risks…. There are risks in nearly everything a body does in this world, and modern medicine being what it is, I’ll be safe enough. I just don’t like being put to sleep because under sedation, I am not in control, and I have a hard time with control issues.

I am finally getting around to reading Outlander. This is a book Constance and I swore we’d read together and I am saddened to be reading it without her here. I am also reading, (I usually read eight books at a time), Grave Goods, the third in a series set in the 1100’s about a doctor who is sort of a forensic pathologist for the English king. This one is about a fire in an abbey, and some bones that were discovered in the graveyard there that the monks swear are the bones of King Arthur. The king wants the doctor to prove that they are the bones of Arthur, as this would “crush the celts.” It is a book my beloved would have thoroughly enjoyed and again, I’m sorry she is not here to share it.

Pain is bad right now, so I’ll leave off.