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I Hate Middle School
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2022-09-22 20:40:15 (UTC)

Halloween mood


God, I fucking hate myself. I just have zero motivation to do anything. I have 3 missing math assignments - not including the ALEKS which I'm also missing - then I'm like 20 chapters behind in language arts and just skimming through chapters when forced to. I also haven't practiced my guitar without being forced to in months. Why am I like this? I got a new counselor lady - my mom says I should call her Kristen - who I'm going to be seeing for like 40 minutes once a week. I've only talked to her twice so far but that was one of the first things I told her about. She said that it'd be something interesting to talk about once we get to know each other. She seems like a really nice lady though. We talked about how we've both found spiders in our sheets (eww) and she looked up if daddy long legs were actually super poisonous and just can't bite us. We also talked about potatoes, school lunches, and other things too! I like her soooo much better then the other ladies I used to see. Plus, she said that maybe next time we could do art or play card games. I like the questions she asks me too. Some of them are hard to answer but I like how deep she goes into everything I say. Even just when I complimented a vase she had in her room she asked me what I liked about the vase and if I'd ever done pottery. ^^

Do you know what's coming up? Well yeah, my birthday, but also Halloween! I'm so excited for the weather and the spooky decorations. I have no clue what to be though. I know that I want to make the costume myself and I know that I want it to look like a costume but that's about it. That means no storebought hot cheeto costume from 5 below and no stranger things since that's literally just dressing normal. I already did a mha cosplay too so that's off limits. I was thinking maybe I could do a monster high one??? I don't know who I'd be though... I'm not a huge fan of 99 percent of their outfits since they'd be uncomfortable. I was thinking that maybe Cruella Deville would be cool but also either kinda grown up or boring. I also thought young malificent would be cool but her wings would be hard to lug around. I think my best bet is still a rainbow dash cosplay. Nope, I'm not joking, and I don't care if you're judging me rn. I think she's really cute and I love colors so it would be fun.

On the topic of October though, my birthday's getting closer and closer and I have zero idea of what to do or what I want. I was thinking of doing another escape room this year but I did that last year so I don't know why we'd do that this year. TBC...

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