2022-09-25 18:15:44 (UTC)

Goals Reflection: September 2022

GOALS REFLECTION: September 2022

[Names and locations have been obscured to preserve privacy.]

First thing I want to mention on this topic is that I did push the button - just two days ago - on the large, heavy-duty tent. Turns out I selected a bell tent: essentially, it's shaped like an old-skool, circular circus tent. But it's a big one, with a diameter of over 16 feet. It's over 9 feet tall. It's going to be frickin' fantastic to live in. Like, it's so big that not only could I harbor a guest or two, but I'll later invest in a tent stove to help keep it warm through the winter. It should arrive by next weekend and I'll be in it for the duration by mid-October.

Things are still all right in terms of being the intern supervisor. It's been interesting to be delegating different tasks to other interns, including "event planning" for some of the custom holiday celebrations slated for the winter. It's a small group we have right now, so I suppose it's understandable that things have been going so smooth.

I'm excited about the skills and experiences I've been engaged with throughout the past few months. Basically whenever events weren't happening. It's also turning to cooler weather, and this makes everything else more tolerable.

No money made this month. I spent a lot of money. My former soap-making partner is working on a quote to have my soap-making stuff shipped out here. That's pretty much the extent of my plans in making more money. I remind myself that I wouldn't have made this leap to a homesteading lifestyle without a financial cushion. But I cannot be irresponsible with the money I have.

I did re-release some of my old video game projects on a website that allows me to accept donations or actually charge for them, but it's unrealistic to think they will ever result in any kind of impactful payment. Maybe this is just a way for me to basically say goodbye to the video game-making habit/hobby once and for all. With limited time to do anything, I'll need to deliberately pick and choose what receives my time and energy. You know, like a grown-ass adult would do in a normal situation.

A stepsister died shorty after the start of the month, the cause being a tumor that started at likely her optic nerve and spreading into her brain. I also had a distant aunt die after having a stroke this month. Being across the country from family dealings and business has made it a strange time, both for myself as well as the relatives who want to be in touch with me. Life goes on everywhere else, though I reside in a bubble out here with my own challenges and successes. This was part of the consequences of me making the big jump out here.

Still writing letters and receiving letters. I'm on the phone with my mother for about an hour, once a week. An old coworker who I enjoyed working with wrote to me, describing his challenges of being at the office with two remaining bad apples (one of whom happens to be my old immediate supervisor). I have a good friend - whom I've never met in-person, thanks to the Internet - who received a letter I wrote to him. The letter turned out to be the closest thing I'd ever come to identifying a manifesto of sorts. The journaling I'd done on this site this past month was, I think, a main catalyst for that. Fortunately, he seemed quite enthusiastic in reading it.

I visited the local game shop a couple times this week, and managed to work up the stones to pass along my contact info to the lady who runs the joint. Again, I have to remind myself that it's unrealistic to expect any woman to be interested in me, being that I'm a farm intern and all that. At the same time, I should follow my own advice... "Catch that wave, and ride it until either you wipe out, or you make it into shore." Me giving her the note was in the context of board game stuff anyway, so I can safely just leave it at that and keep things non-creepy and not awkward.

The intern who was the previous supervisor is planning his move out of state to visit relatives, and to return during the warmer months. I'll miss not having him around. In fact, his absence has been conspicuous these past few weeks now that his two years' commitment is done. It's another dose of the reality of living in community, that people will come and go.

I may visit my relatives and some friends "back East" sometime early next year. I'm not sure exactly when it will happen, but a trip maybe in March or April is on my radar.

Weight is steady in the 179 - 181 range. I feel fit and healthy, to the point that I think I dodged a bad cold that had worked its way through most of the other people here at the eco-institute. I think my preference for garlic and ginger has a lot to do with this, as well as adequate sleep, multivitamins, and the occasional zinc and elderberry lozenge.

I'm currently doing what I think is called "cold-immersion therapy." Essentially, I douse myself in cold water whenever I take a shower. The last two minutes of my shower are with the hot water completely turned-off. I slowly turn in a circle to rinse and scrub myself just the same as I would in the first part of the shower, with normal water. There are numerous evidence-based conclusions on how this kind of thing boosts your immune system, aids circulation, and may even reduce depressive symptoms. I'm up to the two-minute mark now, and I believe I could go longer should I want to. I'll keep myself healthy however I can, and this is a cheap, effective way to do it.

Board games are the main way I've been entertaining myself and others. Playing them is one thing - and I have spent a fair bit of cash on them this past month - but also designing them and discussing design with others is also engaging and entertaining for me.

Now that the worst of the wildfire smoke seems far behind us, it's lovely to look up into the night sky and see countless stars, the different hues of cosmic space clouds, and the occasional shooting star. It's cheap, I'm alone, and I'm soothed. Sometimes a cat comes along to rub against my legs, which is also a treat.

I've also worked myself into a routine of joining a few other interns and institute residents for dinner at a local family restaurant on Friday nights. I'm usually the driver, otherwise I have a feeling that it would be happening less-frequently.

People come and go. Weather is improving and cooling. I'm adjusting to the supervisor role, now "without a net." I'm looking forward to the cooler half of the year.