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2022-09-25 19:09:04 (UTC)

Mirror fast and oc creation

I wanna make a biography but I’m lazy and it might feel half-a**ed. So I’m just gonna create characters for my head space (cheers to escapism) (cheers to Spanish 🥂)

I don’t like any of the things I’ve been eating for the past few days so I’m going on strike (living off of candy bars (I am going to die of protein starvation or soemthing)).

To make peace with my appearance (look in the mirror) [success is unlikely] or to avoid reflective surfaces (possibly detrimental but also possibly helpful)?

I’m going on a mirror fast. I’m not looking my face in the mirror directly for the next week. Just to see how I feel by next Sunday. Anyone is welcome to join ♥️😋🥂

I’m kinda on a Spanish grind rn (cap👨‍🦲I’ve been using Duolingo for like 5 days🤭)