Never Broken
2022-09-25 03:09:37 (UTC)

Orthopedist Appointment Coming Up!

I do not, as a general rule, like going to doctors or hospital. I am, however, fascinated with medical issues and medical problems and have, out of necessity, learned a lot about various conditions and diseases. Not to mention the fact that I am just curious. On Monday, I will find out if I get a surgery date for my two torn rotator cuffs. Yes, I understand they probably will not do both at the same time, but one at a time is good enough. I am also going to show the doctor my wrist. I broke it in prison and whilst there, could not get it attended to so it did not set correctly and causes me a great deal of discomfort. Another thing I am going to bring up is my current state of excruciating pain. I am going to see if the doctor can’t expedite my appointment with pain management or refer me to someone who can see me more promptly.

I used to get so nervous when going to doctors’ appointments. I would not eat or sleep for days beforehand. I would become physically ill. Now, I have a different attitude. If I tell the doctor my concerns and he does nothing, I’m no worse off than I am right now.

The dogs and I passed a lazy Saturday. Them playing a bit and me sleeping, getting some work done and doing some reading. Now, I am watching a channel on YouTube some might find fascinating. It is The New Detectives channel. A great American program, this. I’m sorry it only lasted nine seasons. Pain is getting bad right now. I might have to take out my delta-8 gummies and choke down a few. These don’t help the pain, but they do make it possible for me not to care.

Until next time,