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2022-09-24 20:17:30 (UTC)

I wish my-diary had dark mode. ..

I wish my-diary had dark mode. Like a darker** mode.
Anyway I just find it crazy how all my interest and ability to be roused has basically depleted and fallen to the hands of Jim asmr and his magical voice that has the ability to let my mind do weird crap.

Basically, I no longer have any other sources of it. Besides ff which I only use for entertainment at this point anyway. I can no longer just go for pwop and must actually find something that has a good premise, that is a pWp, or straight up something that interests me (like all the time travel fix it’s EVER).

All to escape my body issues and thoughts of school. Oh wait, did you hear that? Did I just mention something very unimportant and unrelated to life itself?? No? Didn’t think so. So anyway I’m reading this weird Naruto x MHA reincarnation crossover and…