La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2022-09-24 21:39:43 (UTC)

It happens again.

Yesterday evening I had a misfortune, my husband invited my little girl and I to eat out to a taco stand that's a couple of block up the street from our house, I checked my glucose levels and they were a little high, so I got a fast acting dose of insulin, thinking my sugar would get higher after dinner, well long story short I needed to have a larger portion of carbs because an hour later when we got home I began feeling the effects of the low blood sugar, but while in search for my glucometer my sugar dropped faster than expected and I couldn't find it, I walked upstairs and got distracted speaking of a few things that had nothing to do with my glucometer, that was my intentions in the first place, I then went downstairs again and stopped in my bedroom for clothes to shower and get ready for bed, well by the time I reached my desk that's where I remembered placing my glucometer It was too late, I screamed my husband's name and felt my body dropped to the floor in a harsh movement, my mind going onehanded miles per hour was feeling every shake and hurt from hitting against the floor, my little girl ran upstairs for the juice while my husband tried as fast as he could to surround my body with pillows and blankets from the living room trying to avoid me hurting myself he tried to flip my body over then began giving me juice as he could, I then began screaming and jerking again feeling the stiffness in my body with the unvoluntary jerks I was arguing with my husband for a while when the juice began to have an effect on me, I then managed to sit down and started to sob. tears falling down my eyes my little girl came next to me and said it's ok mommy, you're ok. I pull myself together checked my glucose and it was 36 so I drank more juice and sit for a while, when it was finally normal again I got up and took a shower, I took a glance at my husband thank him and realized he was angry, I know he gets this way because he extra hard on himself when this happens to me, I've tried to let him know is not his fault but he feels he could have avoided it by identifying the symptoms, the thing is I don't have any symptoms, my nerve system is to damage at this point and it sends no signs of alarm, not in till is to late anyways. After I was done with the shower, I realized I bit my lip to hard and I have a big scape under my chin, I grabbed some essential oils and rub them on the area that was hurting. Prepared myself an extra meal and ate it, soon my sugar was stable, and I was able to go to bed, hugged my husband and told him I love him, thank you and not to feel guilty about what had happened it was on me. I've learned not to feel guilty anymore like I use to, because it doesn't help me but makes me feel worse, I've learned to accept that I'm not perfect and sometimes it takes a little extra effort to avoid it happening again. Today I'm still a little sore and I have a few scratches in my toes and arms small ones, I went on a 5K walk it was a beautiful sunny day and afternoon so I went with my nephew my husband asked if I was sure to go on a walk but I needed to get some fresh air it felt got to get all that vitamin D sunburnt and come home to relax after the walk.
So we had a late lunch and now am having a cup of coffee then I'll watch a little Netflix so happy Saturday to all my readers out there.