Never Broken
2022-09-24 10:10:32 (UTC)

Tired Saturday…

I am happy to report that I am now done with physio. It will, I’m afraid, take a very persuasive person to get me to return.

I picked up Constance’s ashes on Thursday. She wished her body to be donated to the local medical school and without reservation, I did so. I feared it would be hard for me, but it was not. My father drove. We went on the way back from taking the wee dog to the veterinarian. Then, because money was short, we got some of Constance’s favourite food at a local takeaway, told jokes and headed for home. We will, at some point in the future, have a proper memorial service for her, but I am not there yet. I am not ready to think about that.

My father graciously agreed to help me out at the veterinarian. I had asked them if they could see the little guy and I would pay them back the next time I got paid, which is the end of the month, and they said that would be fine. I have been a client of the clinic for years and I always pay on time, so they didn’t mind since I only needed the wee guy’s thyroid tested. His thyroid medication dose is now set and we won’t have to return, barring illness or injury, for another six months. So happy about this. At the clinic, my father just whipped out the plastic before I could say no, and brushed off my protestations about it saying, “You’re my son from birth to Earth.” I thanked him sincerely.

I am hoping that I can get S to cook today. I am tired of eating things from boxes and tins and I am virtually useless in the kitchen.

I’ve again injured my knee. I suppose it’s time I write about my current state of health, or lack thereof. I was shot in 1994 causing nerve damage. In 1999, I was beaten in an Irish prison by screws, (guards), and this caused me three crushed discs in my spine. I also have a couple of connective tissue diseases. One is called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This is a disorder of collagen which causes the joints to be overly flexible, causing dislocations and subluxations along with torn tendons and muscles. It can cause other problems such as thinned skin, vascular issues, etc, but I do not have that form. I have the hyper mobility form only. Thank God for small favours. The other connective tissue issue I have is called DiffuseConnective Tissue Disease. Basically, what this means is, I have some symptoms of lupus, some of rheumatoid arthritis and some of a few other conditions and diseases but not enough of any one thing to label me as having that particular thing. Basically, I am sick, but they don’t know with what. I always have something on me that is hurt or broken and I have constant, unremitting, excruciating chronic pain For which I am unable to get medication. I am waiting for an appointment to see a specialist in pain management, but our health service has issues and it can take up to two years for an appointment. I need to remember to push them a little bit.

I have been putting it off long enough. I am going to have to do something I do not wish to do. Still, it must be done and I have been dreading it for days. Still, one must be diligent in taking care of obligations, or one will not be seen as trustworthy. No matter how distasteful these obligations might seem, if we must do them, we must do them.

My friend Carrie has made me resolve, through her own spirituality, to make me be a better Catholic and Christian. I have been lately trying to figure out the answer to a question. Can we ask people who have died for intercession if we did not know them in life or they were not connected to us by blood who are not saints? Catholics ask the saints for intercession all the time. We ask Marry for intercession. Our relatives as well. So why not others? After all, isn’t that how a person gets to be a saint? They perform miracles for others. Since they are not saints when the perform these miracles that make them saints, I am using that to determine that yes, we can ask those we’ve never met for intercession. I am not a priest though and my word should not be taken on matters of the Catholic faith. I can only speak of what I believe. If someone reading has their own questions, they are welcome to ask me and I will do my best to answer, but they should really consult their own pastor or spiritual advisor.

Another thing on intercession, which I think might deserve its own entry at a later date…. Protestants criticise Catholics for “praying to Mary”. As mentioned in a previous entry. First, we do not “pray to Mary”. That is what is said, but that is not actually what is done. Basically, when we ask for intercession, or “pray to” someone, we are asking for that person to put in a good word as it were. We are humbly begging that person to ask God to help us on our behalf. Now Protestants have a big problem with this. They say that Jesus is the One True Mediator and so He is, but according to the Protestant view that intercession is verboten, it would seem to me that one could not then ask for prayers for one’s situation from one’s neighbours, friends, pastor or church family. When you ask for prayers, you are basically asking the person you asked to intercede on your behalf. So you see, we are really not that different after all.

I must dress and let the dogs out to play.


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