Evolving marriage
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2022-09-19 14:21:35 (UTC)

Reunion Sex

Dear Diary,
Its 3am. Im back home! Got in about 11:30pm. After 2 days of driving. I was gone almost 2 wks! And of course that makes for hot reunion sex with my husband. Even though I was beat from driving over 10 hrs! I know how we are, I dont think we have Never not had sex as soon as I get home when we have extended time apart.

We talked on the phone as I was driving and he greeted me in the driveway, we kissed in the dark, total silence outside, crickets and the stars and he carried things in for me. Got in the house and he was right next to me and said "Yes Im stalking you" and then he got a gift he had wanted to give me before I left but it arrived a day late. Was so cute, these little cat figures! From a gif we use to send one another all the time by phone, these cute naughty cartoon kittys, and I thought it was a sweet gesture. I wanted a drink of water and to use the restroom. Then we just stood, hugged, kissed, caressed one another in the kitchen. Then kissed harder and more passionate and he kept reaching up the back of my scalp and grabbing my hair (yes please!) He was feeling passion just as strongly as I was. Which is wonderful to feel from your partner!

He told me to get in the shower, as I told him I wanted a rinse off after that all day drive. I got in and he undressed and got in with me. He held me from behind, I switched sides and held his cock in my hand and said how big it felt. I got to my knees and had to have it in my mouth just to greet him and let his cock know Im home and love it too. Just a teaser there and warm up as we had more plans then that. I had my rear to him in the shower and bent over with my hands against the tile as he felt between my legs and guided himself into me, holy shit, amazing! I couldnt help but make noise and was overwhelmed as he just rapidly thrust into me, lettting me know he missed me and that I am his. I just let the moans out loudly tonight and the sound echoed in the shower stall. It was so good that I started to cry when he stopped and told him how much I love him and he said how much he has his missed me and has been wanting to do this and was so excited knowing how close I was to getting home on the drive as we spoke on the phone.

Finished the shower and said lets go to the bedroom. He immediatly went down on me in the bed first thing, he kept saying on the phone while I was gone that he wanted to do that to me and lay me down several times and that he needs to be doing that more with me, and that he did. I had him massage the foria arousal oil into me also. He fingered me and hit my G spot and got me really wet. Then he got up over me, mind you since knee surgery we have not been able to have him lay on top of me in bed, he cant do that position, well with his physical therapy now hes focusing on the knee movements since I left. So tonight, he got up close to me on his knees and was able to make love to me that way, I wasnt laying flat, but had my legs up and open as he pressed himself into me and played with my nipples. Then he pulled me aggressively to the side of the bed and from there it was just heavy thrusting and nipple play and me just moaning and enjoying every min. I had said I really wanted to get on top of him also and he got in the bed and I just rode him till I was exhausted. Switched back on my back edge of bed with him standing and got the wand so I would orgasm and he got really revved up, condom night, and he ended up cumming hard. It was very hot, vigorous type of reunion sex and was wonderful. He closed with "Welcome home babe" and then got in bed after cleaning up wrapped around me and passed out. I did too, but woke up an hour later! And here I am writing. I drank a bunch of Coke to help keep me up on the drive home, but Im often awake after sex and found that actually thats a thing, womens hormone prolactin can cause you to be awake and have energy. As Im often like that after sex.

So on the house front!? My offer was accepted! I offered a little less but it was a cash offer. I had the inspection on Wed, was there for that so got to spend a lot of time at the house and look over every inch of it in detail as I was there for several hours with the inspector. So we found the floor joists under the kitchen floor had carpenter ant damage and need replacing. And some of the floors boards cracked which is why there is a dip. There isnt a space under that floor to get into and he had to shove a camera in to see it. So that will need to be all torn up and replaced. And there were plumbing leaks. Its newer copper plumbing but seemed leaks around connection points and toilet wasnt seeded property and was leaking, it was loose in the house and you could move the toilet just pushing it which caused a leak around the seal. Otherwise smaller stuff, that a handyman can fix. So I countered with dropping another $5000 off the offer we originally made. Realtor asked me "If they dont want to do it, is this a deal breaker on the house?" I said "No we still want it, but we will need to spend some $$ on these repairs" well they took my offer, I got it basically for $10,000 less then the asking price.

So have no idea how long it will take to close, as we have to wait for an Abstract to be done as the next step.

So! Realtor said there was nothing more i needed to do and I can go home and anything else can be completed from back at home. So Im hoping its a 30 day close, if so I plan to drive back weather permitting! FOr closing and need to get a plumber lined up, and get the house winterized as we wont really be able to come back until April/March of the new yr to be there and spend some time in it. Im thinking a total remodel of the kitchen is in order, since we need to rip of the floor. ANd its the ugliest room, had a later update but I dont care for it at all, takes away from the old home charm. So I could get it redone to match the style of it. Now its just lining up the people to do the work. So if I can go back in Oct and start to get that rolling also that would be awesome. I already have an electrician to do some minor repairs but want to see about a smart meter type thermostat that I can monitor while away. I also already have the lawn guy lined up, my neighbors knew a guy in the town where the house is, called him and turns out he has been doing the lawn for that house the last 4 yrs at $20 a pop!???? And said he had no problem continuing to do it. So whew got that covered! My neighbors said hes a great guy and trustworthy and someone I can have periodically check in on it, like leave him a key.

The town is small, population 74 but all the homes are close together and mine is visible from the main road and not hidden so its in a good spot to be watched over my the locals living there.

I know I have more to write, but Im actually starting to feel tired. So more later, just nice to be back with the husband, its my bday wknd, I asked him to cook for me SUnday, rather then go out, making his Vodka Cream pasta dish! And I dont really want to go out at all, just him and I all wknd! And I stopped in Co and got more edibles and they sell the Foria arousal oil at the shop too! So grabbed some more as we are almost out. So sat night will me sexy Im sure, he was saying how he planned to fuck the shit out of me this wknd and Im so ready for it!

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