Life to the lees
2022-09-23 13:37:00 (UTC)


I woke up at two in the morning and just laid in bed under the huge lace covered tilt in windows and felt the breeze gently flow in from them. That is a moment I captured to remember forever. The lifestyle in this old house is another thing I want to remember. The host has a heart for community, a love for people, something we all have but do not act on. He actively draws people in, an invite here and there, being sure to say good morning. By the end of it I had a real feeling of brotherly love, as if this man could have been a brother to me or some sort of family. He made sure the hot tub was ready for my husband, talked to my kiddos about future plans and kind of tried to help spur them along, lent my younger kiddo binoculars, had coffee with my husband on the way out the door, and got me to feel comfortable in a crowd (which is saying something). We did manage to leave one item, to which the host stated we could retrieve and did not exactly say we had to come to a community dinner to get it but mentioned that we should come back to that in the next sentence. So we will visit again cause… well now we have a reason… As if we didn’t before.