My History Of Familial Incest
2022-09-23 01:06:14 (UTC)

Just A Bit Of The Hyper Left

Part of me wants to hunt for someone and cum hard, but the other part of me wants a snack and a movie. I am tired from work, it was a busy week. I might have the new stand by but I dunno. The few chats were good but he is asking to see my face on cam. I said absolutely not. Does he actually think I'd go for that? Effing no. That's pretty much nixed it for me. There's a very select few people that have seen my face on cam and I intend to keep it that way (when it comes to sexual situations.) I might get horny but I'm not stupid. Men will do that too once they get you further than text by demanding more. Either stick with the initial "rules of engagement" or I'm blocking you for good and truthfully, sometimes I block because I wanted a hit and run and nothing more lol.
One of the guys at work was an absolute prick on Tuesday, in a complete foul mood and I didn't want to deal with it. I'm glad he works in another building and doesn't come to the place I'm in much. Meeting with my supervisor next week. He will probably not remember a single thing we discussed at our meeting two weeks prior and it's going to end up super annoying.
Screw it. I'm doing a movie tonight. I got off with HIM Monday night and after my weekend I was having a hard time with it and not really feeling the horny. Guess I'm getting back to "normal."

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