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2022-09-22 20:41:03 (UTC)

I like me

I am a good person. I don’t do much good but I don’t do much bad…purposely😋. I’m pretty smart. My face is a face. My body is nice. My clothes are comfortable. I’m soft spoken. I’m a little nervous when it comes to people but I’m quite intent on having interesting experiences that I can be glad I’ve at least gone through once. That’s really my goal. Experience things. What I need to get over is my fear of failure and judgement. I keep trying to live in the second/third person when I really need to look outside from in. It really doesn’t matter if I’m rejected if I was never INVOLVED😭🤞. I have nice skin, I have decent hygiene, and I don’t ramble.

I watch a few streamers on YouTube (ha). I’m somewhat actively trying to learn Spanish. I’m attempting to become ambidextrous. I draw other people’s art into my sketchbook (☠️I’ve got a whole Pinterest board called doodle replic-ator😍). I write well. I don’t like reading books but if I try hard enough I’ll get into it. I’m an introvert so my social battery is limited but I get quite lonely without talking to people.

Which is why I’ll be talking to random people tomorrow, it’s Friday anyway.