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2022-09-21 22:19:21 (UTC)

The Slow Death Of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes; An Angel VS Two Devils Worse Than Satan Himself

No light-hearted greeting today, sorry. I've been som loved by this story that I NEED to write a serious entry about this.

I swear to fucking god I'm so pissed. Nothing happened to me in my life, I'm just watching this true crime-type video. The killing of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes specifically. I've watched so many true crime videos and not once have I had more than a "omg that's terrible" reaction. Nothing's made me think about it later or really make me feel something like this case has. In this case Arthur is the 6 year old son of two demons. They starve him constantly, when they do feed him it's loaded with salt 'till its inedible, they force him to stand still for up to 14 hours straight, they beat him, and so many more horrible things. Physical abuse, emotional abuse, I fucking hate these people. Poor little Arthur deserved so much better. In the video it's described how standing completely still for even one hour can cause excruciating pain and swollen limbs and that's just in a normal adult, let alone a malnourished six year old.

They'd even abuse him in front of people and outsiders saw how terrible he looked and they did little to nothing to help him. He was so weak he couldn't even hold a glass of water to his lips yet they let his parents take him home. This kid's story upsets me more than anything has in a while. I wish I could have done something, even though I know it was impossible 'cause it was far away and unheard of. At this point my only relief mentally is the fact that he's dead because at least being dead means he's away from his asshole parents. Words can't even describe them and how much I want them to rot in hell. I want them to be forced to stand still for 14 hours straight and eat only salt 'till it poisons them just like they did to Arthur. When Arthur died he was laying on the ground crying, too weak to even get up, and poisoned by the amount of salt he'd consumed. The mom then beat him with the force equivalent to a car crash and only then did she call the police.

Even on the phone with the police she lied and said it was Arthur who was being mean to her -like he's not just 6 years old! She says it's him who abused her. She said he pushed her down the steps and that he forcefully banged his own head against the concrete multiple times. This lady is fucking evil. Both parents are. They deserve to be set on fire and eaten alive and be poisoned and be skinned then bathed in salt. i was going to say "like the slugs that they are" but that's just offensive to slugs. These assholes can kill themselves and die a slow and painful death then be tortured in hell for the rest of eternity. I belive that many people can redeem themselves but not these two. They can fucking go crazy with guilt and pain.

I know this is kind of short but this story really got to me for some reason. If you want to know more then here's the video: Goodnight...

~ Gentleman