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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2022-09-22 22:17:10 (UTC)

Family time

Yesterday my husban harvested the corn he planted at the beggining of summer, we made a fresh corn pozole for Lunch and just finished eating lunch with the family and take advantage to celebrate my friends birthday that was last weekend and she was not here to celebrate. I had a small cake made for her with BTS corean music band theme she loved it. Is just a small token of my afection and to let her know she is important in my life.
I learned a long time ago that People give what's in their hearts and I stopped expecting the same effect from others it never happens and I don't do these things expecting the same treatment otherwise I had no friends. They are them selves and give what they can when whey can and is truly apreciated
I have the strong sense of going on the 10 K walk again but have been feeling a little tired lately. So will see what Saturday morning looks like.

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