Slowly descending into madness
2022-09-23 04:08:21 (UTC)

Sore throat and nightmare/dream

Fucking hell, I just wanted to sleep one night. One fucking night without any distraction. And this penguin had to appear in my dream with his stupid long hair? How the fuck is this fair in any sense?

I've been sick for the last 5 days. First, vape made my throat sore af. Then I didn't care that much, so I kept on living on coldass juice, coke, mountain dew, water. It caused fever with extreme cold and dizziness to the point my voice was gone. I still didn't take rest (I had work), then today when I went to university, I had to lie down on the floor most of the time because whenever I stood up, I couldn’t bear the headache. At last, not being able to deal with any of this, I went to medical center, idk what kind of meds they gave me, whatever it was, my whole body was shaking. I got home and worked for a bit, then I ran out of stamina literally. So yes I needed the sleep. And it's his fault that I am awake now. He's right, no matter what, I'll never forgive him. Those were sweet dreams once, they're nightmares now and I wanna kill myself because I don’t want to think about him.

It's not like he was violent to me in my dream or something. He wasn’t even doing anything except standing in the corner of a room. Still it got on my nerves. I'm super pissed.