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2022-09-22 14:05:07 (UTC)

I’m not even qualified to

Warning I talk about vomit…

Last night our son flipped out so hard he hyperventilated, got woozy and vomited. He got violet with me and gouged my hands with his fingernails. While I get them to stop bleeding, she took him to the bathroom. Then I cleaned the rim cause he uses that particular bowl all day and it had been a couple days.

Then I stepped in to help because she got up. He’s throwing up and all kinds of mucus is streaming out his nose. I wipe it with toilet paper. She gripes that I’m not fast enough. So I preprep toilet paper and go faster. I’m only mildly irritated by her. After a couple bouts, and her griping at me each time… she is finally like you want me to do that? No, we’re fine. Well I fit better there because I’m smaller. It’s ok. One more bout and again, let me sit there and she reaches over me to help while I’m helping. Well it’s only that I have the same mucus so I know what it’s like.

It was the reaching over me that pissed me off. Granted I wasn’t in a good mood from being gouged, but I really want nothing to do with either of them. I don’t even know how to look either of them in the eyes.

I left out the part where she wanted to take him to the hospital because his oxygen level was at 89. I was like of course it is, he’s shallow breathing. His heart rate was high … I was like let him lay down and chill and he’ll be fine. So she scrambled to get his doctors phone number, knowing they’d have to send us to the ER. They always do out of an abundance of caution. Well they didn’t answer and by the time she got done freaking out his breathing was normalizing, his heat rate was coming down and his oxygen level was rising. I know she wanted to take him but that’s just because she freaking loves to make high drama out of everything… and always be right and always be that person… I don’t even m ow what THAT is… but that is who she wants to be.