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2022-09-22 09:58:54 (UTC)

why are people pro life

are people forcing women to abort their babies??
if that were the case, I'd understand.
if it isn't and they're literally just looking at women who believe a pregnancy they just found out about is going to ruin their life or potentially kill them and the kid (because they might not have the support or would genuinely be a terrible parent), then shouldn't abortion be an option? maybe they're thinking, hm yes that woman should def just have that baby and keep it or put it up for adoption to end up who knows where. because at least its alive?
idk, i dont understand why theyd care that much about a life that isnt alive yet. its literally like a plant in the womb. stealing nutrients and growing. plants do that too but we rip them from the ground and eat those, so...

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