La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2022-09-22 01:59:12 (UTC)


Today was a good day, a busy one but a good one, and a good one not a productive one. Just kidding.
Yesterday I sent a small audio on our book club chat and man let me tell you it blew up into very interesting conversations about polygamy and some of the things my great uncles were doing in town at the time of where the book is speaking, I'm in chapter 17 and have not been able to put it down is been an amazing read so far and it gets me excited about writing my own books, just because there is a 50 year gap give or take since the last books were written and we need to fill it for newer generations to understand our culture and way of life to the date. My oldest brother told me I need to take my life as a historian more seriously and it definitely got me thinking, but then I thought why doesn't he takes it seriously?
Today went by so fast as have this entire month, I reschedule my treatment appointment for this next Monday, one of my dearest Do terra friends and leader had a surgery and I came over to visit her bought her some Sunflowers that lit up her face, and I was so glad to have come see her since she didn't look too good and was feeling terrible. When I got to her house it began pouring rain so I walked inn and she could tell I was wet so she lend me a blouse to change and dry myself it was nice of her and we talked for about an hour before I had to get back home, I stopped at a Subway on the way back and just bought sandwiches for the family since it was a little too late to get home and cook. I can't tell you how good it tasted; I hadn't had a Subway well I can't remember the last time I did enjoyed one. I then got back home to find my neighbors young girls playing with my little girl who was excited to see me. I thank them for taking care of her and keeping her company and then we spend the rest of the evening doing homework and getting the house in order. Thank goodness tomorrow I get help and the lady that helps me out will be here tomorrow.
So all in all today was a great day, let us get some rest for tonight and start fresh tomorrow goodnight!