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2022-09-20 20:14:17 (UTC)

Everything is okay

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am high off of sleep deprivation and that’s why my emotional are constantly doing the worm. No, I’m not lonely and tired of living, I am actually sleepy and yearning to reread that one fanfiction. No, I don’t think I’m ugly, I actually just want to binge watch that one game playthrough and finish Genshin impact like I originally planned to. No, I am not out of motivation forever, I’m simply sleepy and wanting to be ambidextrous AND make more drawings for the mystery sketchbook.

And it’s past my bedtime 😋

Everything is all right. Energy depletion is normal, feeling tired at the end of the day is normal. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to sleep, I still have crap I want to do. Just because I wasted my time doesn’t mean I’m not going to waste more time (plus I have an assignment I gotta do 👏😕)♥️

Ooo I’m so excited to expand my knowledge (😐) I wanna know Spanish so bad so I can just …? 😷what was my motivation again? Asmr in Spanish ??😭 Hm. I think it was so my diary and journal entries would be coded from English-only ppl. Ah yes. And *that* stuff. 🤭 anyway, I’m gonna work and succeed as good as it gets and I’m going to have fun in the meantime.

-nother bun
-put water in fridge
-do civic thing
-check assignment pages jic
-watch the quarry
-advance in Genshin

(The freezeria thing is on hold becaude every time I even think of playing it my mind automatically gets on that headcannon track that ends up spiraling into nothing good or decent. 🪂🪂I wish my brain weren’t always on go when it came to that, especially since my body is not even close to feeling the same way)

Uhh water. Yes. Water. And bun. And work. And watch the funny. Yes. Maybe animal videos 😊

Lately my pillows are not comfortable. Either too much or not enough. Not the right position, not the right size, not the right feeling. Lately, school is cold and repetitive. The ultimate peace I’m aiming for is one where people don’t enter my sights at all. When I’m not longer bothered by anything they do, even if it’s ridiculous and annoying. No longer sparing that glance in their direction. No longer caring for what they’re looking at or if they’re looking at me. Because, ultimately, it’s pointless to care.