no name
2022-09-20 10:43:49 (UTC)


Very, very cold. Teeth are gritted, somewhat involuntarily.
A broken nail, I'll fix it when I get home, otherwise I'll never stop messing with it.
She texted me about a strange event, I said my piece.
I'll probably end up sleeping, no headphones cuz my ears are suffering from the constant pressure.
Might actually read that book.
Kinda wish I were deaf.
My nail polish still sucks, shoulda went all blue.
Not gonna bother her about TLC today, just gonna sit outside and read. (steal a bench.)
No homework for first two classes so far. Quiz civics today.
Maybe watch some of MIA at home and CCSR too.
eat a food for dopamine drink some water for healthiness

That's all there is to it.
sleep. or something.